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    approval of the united parcel service, inc. 2009 omnibus incentive compensation plan.
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    Nice sales pitch.. WHY?
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    Yeah, what he said........what the hell is it anyway?
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    I think you're looking for Monavie's "wat"
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    It's "wut". Learn the intertubes.....
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    Nope. Never been to Texas huh?
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    If you are a shareholder of UPS stock, you will be notified of your proxy vote for your shares, via your email or US mail. The three areas to vote on are:
    Board of Directors,
    Deloitte Touche Accounting Firm
    Omnibus 2009 Incentive Plan for UPS management.

    Any you can only vote once via email or US mail. If you receive your proxy via email, you can view the annual report, which is quite lengthy, and provides a global overview of UPS.
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    As annoying as the CEO, CFO, COO LTIP debacle is, voting no would also eliminate MIP and 1/2 month bonuses, If I ready the proxy statement correctly. I did withhold my BOD vote for the compensation comittee and Davis though.