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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Liberty Bear, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    Not long ago, shop stewards in my building distributed free T-shirts that read "October 1 or we're done," or something like that.

    It was a little lame (and perhaps just a political stunt), but political T-shirts may be one of our best strategies for getting the word out about the contract. I've been researching the topic, and here are some ideas I came up with.

    * * * * *

    Unfortunately, we have desperately little time to have shirts printed and distributed. I've just confirmed that my local, at least, is sending out ballots on October 25. (See D-Day = October 26!)

    However, it isn't hopeless. It will take a few days for everyone to receive their ballots, which don't have to be returned until November 16. Some members will spend a few more days studying the contract, and we can target more apathetic colleagues who don't plan on voting right up to the bitter end.

    Still, we're going to have to act fast if we want to get some political clothing out there. I took the liberty of creating an online store hawking such shirts at (If it looks a little crappy right now, give it a little time. I'm just learning how to work with it, and I should get it squared away tonight.) An alternative is to have shirts printed locally.


    CafePress is pricey, and you also have to allow for shipping time. Indeed, you'd probably have to order a shirt no later than Monday morning and pay next day shipping charges if you want to receive it by October 25 - and there's still no guarantee you'll get it that soon. This is what they wrote in response to my question regarding shipping time:

    I haven't yet asked for details about "processing time," so I still don't know exactly how long it would take to receive shirts from them.


    I typed the following into Google...

    ...and got a list of local places that print shirts. I contacted one place, and the owner promised he could have a shirt ready for me by Thursday (October 25). I'm thinking of springing for it, even though it's going to cost me nearly $60 (including an extra $9 for a message on both sides). He offers big discounts for bulk purchases, as follows:

    I think the above prices are for shirts with a design on the front only, but an additional design on the back doesn't add much to the cost unless you're buying just one shirt ($9) or a small quantity. It adds an extra 85 cents to the price of a shirt when ordered in quantities of 50.

    I think this is the best way to go, but SOMEONE is going to have to organize it, city by city, hub by hub. They need to find local companies that do this sort of thing, choose a design that most co-workers are likely to accept, and contact the company TODAY (Saturday, October 20) to make the preliminary plans. Then they need to try and find, say, three co-workers who are willing to pay $25 for such a shirt and go for it. If they can find more people who are interested, so much the better.

    Another possibility is to simply shell out $100 for four shirts or about $150 for a dozen, then bring them to work and offer them to co-workers for whatever you paid for them. As a part-timer who just started double-shifting, I think I can afford a dozen shirts. I'm thinking of doing that, then perhaps get a second shirt (a different style), either from CafePress or locally, whichever is cheaper. (I'm not sure if you can get shirts with messages on both sides from CafePress; I'll check into it.)


    I think the best design would be a black T-shirt with white lettering (or perhaps UPS brown with yellow lettering), sporting the following message on the front:

    VOTE NO!

    The back could be left blank, or it could repeat the same message, but I think it would be more effective to add a unique message. Or you could simply place a single design on the front (e.g. VOTE NO!) with a brief message below it.

    Below are some of the secondary messages I've been playing with:
    1. $8.50 an hour is tyranny.
    2. $8.50 an hour in 2013, my ass.
    3. Solidarity, not Globalization
    4. United We Stand
    5. Teamsters = Traitors
    6. International BROTHERHOOD of Teamsters?
    7. WHAT International "Brotherhood"?
    I like the idea of promoting messages that embarrass our union, because they need to feel the pressure.

    Feel free to copy or modify any of the designs I've created at for local printing and distribution. There are no copyrights or other legal protections involved. Go for it.

    * * * * *

    Remember, it's not too late to fight back. The battle isn't over until the last ballot has been returned or November 16, whichever comes first. Indeed, mailing out the ballots ten days EARLIER when we were already under pressure is just one more sleazy stunt that we can use to our advantage. This isn't just about getting a fair deal from UPS. [evil]It's about holding the Teamsters accountable and letting them know we aren't going to put up with their BS.[/evil]
  2. Captain America

    Captain America SuperDAD to the rescue

    I wonder if some kind of sticker or button might be cheaper/quicker, and still effective. Good idea though, I love the power of the net. It helps us fight this on a grassroots level and not feel alone on the issue.:laugh:
  3. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    You're right. As a matter of fact, I'm working on that right now. I've pretty much finished how CafePress works and am now getting things squared away. I'll be adding some stickers (and buttons, if they have them).

    However, it would still be best to try and find a place that can do them locally - and in a rush. The shipping time is going to be a killer.
  4. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    What's the "right tie"? And which ones can get us in trouble?

    I did discover that you can't use the names of organizations on CafePress, so "Teamsters = Traitors" is out...though that can be done locally.

    I'm well aware that corporations and unions can and do play dirty games behind our backs. However, legally and ethically, we're still protected by the First Amendment.
  5. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    Hell, go for broke. With our Early AM Service, you can get them before 8 AM.:bored:
  6. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    Would I piss anyone off if I recommended Fedex??? :cool:
  7. Leftinbuilding

    Leftinbuilding Active Member

    Did you just give yourself away? Fed Ex would absolutely LOVE a "no" vote.
  8. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    Actually, there's a Fedex located near the hub I work at. I see their trucks rolling alongside UPS trucks every day.

    I bumped into an old friend who has worked for Fedex for several years, though he's now driving a bus. I asked him how he got along without a union, and he said he had no problems.

    At any rate, it's nice to know we can go work for the competition if the UPS/Teamsters coalition doesn't clean up its act. These things work both ways, you know.
  9. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    I have a quicker, cheaper solution to your tee shirt concept.
    The 1930's style walking billboard.
    Two pieces of poster board, some string and a magic marker are all you need.
    Write what ever you want on it, "Eat at Joe's", "Just vote No!" ect....
    I it have the same impact you wish to achieve with a tee-shirt.
    One day after the vote your tee-shirt will only serve the function to wash the car or shine your shoes.
  10. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    That's a good tip, but there are a couple problems...

    1. How am I supposed to unload a truck while wearing a walking billboard?

    2. Frankly, I'd feel stupid wearing a walking billboard in public.

    Now, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with wearing a walking billboard; I guess I'm just too uptight. It would probably be a good strategy to use during a strike. I suppose it could be effective even now, but I suspect I'm not the only one who draws line on political activism at walking billboards.

    Still, I thank you for the tip. It does have merit.
  11. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    Well, I figured out how to make buttons and stickers...


    Here are some *******

    They're available from ******************

    But if you want to get any buttons by the end of this week, you'd better order them today or tomorrow. (And I'm not guaranteeing any delivery time; that's up to ***********) Otherwise, you might be able to find local companies that can make similar buttons, eliminating shipping time.
    By the way, VOTE NO shirts will NOT be useless after the contract is either ratified or buried. I turned my "October 1 or we're done" T-shirt inside out and ripped off the tag. Works fine.
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    UMmmm LibertyBear, I guess you forgot to read our terms of service.

    section 5h:
    YOU agree not to use the web site or the service to: disseminate off-topic messages on boards promoting any product, service, web site, board or venture, or promote boards on the service through unsolicited electronic mail messages to third parties.

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  13. brazenbrown

    brazenbrown New Member

    How about Vote YES T-shirts??

    Will they be available as well since most of us aspire to have a choice!!

    Afterall this is a democracy and we have that right, its not Venezuela!:wink:
  14. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    Get off your butt and make'em.

    On second thought, that probably won't be necessary...the Teamsters will probably do it for you.
  15. cheryl

    cheryl I started this. Staff Member

    Liberty Bear, the courtesy of a response to my previous post will be greatly appreciated.

    I left your posts and links up because I am trying to be fair here. To skip my post and address the one above it means that you have simply ignored me in much the same way that you have ignored the rules of this forum.
  16. agitator

    agitator Member

    There already is a YES shirt...but it comes with a suit and a tie...and it bleeds brown...this is not only an easy vote of No ...its also a NO BRAINER

    On is a democracy... where they have elections..and their elected leader has been voted in again and again by over 60%...yet he is not bought and sold by the corp elite of their country as SOME countries are!
  17. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    What is there to say? I had no intention of disputing your decision.

    I belong to so many forums, I can't remember all the rules, and I've been discussing the idea of getting some "political T-shirts" out there on this forum and a couple others. Several people have urged me to go for it. I've spent the entire weekend working on it, and I thought certain people would like to know about it.

    I broke the rules, and you took away my "rep power." End of story.

    But I still think this is a great idea for getting the word out. Unfortunately, T-shirts are a little expensive - especially for part-timers, unless you can organize a bulk order. Captain America had a great suggestion - campaign buttons. As I suggested, these could probably be produced locally, also.

    And if the union wants to start using members' dues to purchase YES shirts and buttons, that's fine with me. At least some of the more apathetic employees will know there's a contract dispute.
  18. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    LOL - And it will probably be paid for with our union dues!

    Amen. How much do you want to bet that George Bush gets involved if we do vote this contract down? God forbid that workers in this country think they have any power.
  19. Damok

    Damok Member

    edited for late posting**
  20. Damok

    Damok Member

    Did I miss something? Hugo Chavez + Venezuela = Democracy? Whoa, where have I been?