Voting Starts Next Week! How will you vote and why.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by gorilla75jdw, Jun 22, 2018.

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    It was suppose to be a secret ballot, however every vote can be traced back to the person who voted. You were sent a code and had to enter it to vote. Does that violate the secret vote? By mail it was secret. Not that that will change the out come, but it may invalidate the vote.
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    Holy :censored2: you really swallowed the pill.
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    The US Government watches all of our elections(runs the rules) so I don't think they would allow it. As a matter of fact, they are usually looking for wrong doing so they can keep their jobs.
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    Uh huh. Sure.

  7. The govt doesn't run the contract votes
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    Shut this thread down—-it’s too late now. The damage has been done.
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    Where the hell did you get this load of crap, Alex Jones?
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    Holy :censored2: BrownMonk, you need to lay off the drugs!
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    Not in the feeder dept so the use of drugs is not questionable without reasonable suspicion or post accident. The IRB or whatever it is now must okay the national votes system of voting. Mostly just an okay on the letter going out on timing, oversight officials, persons able to attend, etc. Occasionally an observer from I saw years ago at the count. Not sure now that they are electronic.
  13. Abe Excode

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    What are you voting yes or no for?
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    i voted no and it did not work
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    Voted no for what?
  16. Jkloc420

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    the contract hipster
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    A little late to the party?
  18. Abe Excode

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  19. Go to a union meeting and find out.
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    Until your next meeting comes around, if you have a few free hours, you can read through this thread, it'll give you some idea of what happened. Be aware that it's a merged thread of about 20 threads, so some of it will seem a little jumbled. Then do a search and read some posts about retro pay. Then take what you learn back to your building and explain to everyone who didn't vote what happens when you aren't actively involved in deciding the future of your working conditions. Fewer and fewer people get to have any say about what happens with their jobs. Not enough of those of us who still do have a voice choose to participate.