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  1. foundinload

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    Did the VSP benefits change with the 08-13 Master Agreement? I could've sworn that the contact lens allowance increased but I tossed the paperwork. I am PT Preload.
  2. MarePare

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    I am part time preload also, my plan would pay up to 100 dollars toward contacts instead of glasses.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Go to the VSP website for benefit details.
  4. BrownSuit

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    For benefit questions your BEST BET is to try to ask HR, when they tell you they aren't sure or don't entirely know (There are a million different benefit plans) then call VSP and ask them exactly what you are paying for.

    The number should be on the back of your benefit packet. HR would be able to give you the number, that's probably the most help they'll be able to be. I'm not dogging HR at all, it's just there are a million and one plans. I wouldn't count on any answers here as you don't know what everybody else is paying for and there may be differences from Region/District.
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    Go to upsers.com and access your benefits. There should be a number there you can call and they will put you in touch with a union rep that can answer your questions. I would post the number, but I'm not sure if it varies by region. I have called before and they did ask me where I was located in the country so it seemed like it was corporate wide.

    Hope that helps.
  6. foundinload

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    thanks for the suggestions everyone. i have been to the vsp site and the benefits are still the same as before. i have also contacted hr (they're working on it) and am waiting to hear from the business agent. i am going to wait until the actual contract date, august 1st, to recheck vsp.
  7. foundinload

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    i checked the vsp site and the benefits are still the same. at the bottom of the page however, it says: "This information doesn't guarantee your eligibility or coverage. Your VSP doctor will contact VSP to check your eligibility. If there's a conflict between this information and your organization's contract with VSP, the contract will prevail.
    This benefit information is only for VSP doctors, clients, members and their dependents. Any other use is fraudulent and prohibited."

    i will post again if i find out more.
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    If you have an eye doctor with good office staff, they can usually call VSP and figure out your benefits if you give them your info. Mine always calls to verify coverage, so we can figure out how to squeeze the most benefits out of them.