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  1. Ok, so I was just reading over the contract under Article 22 section 5 and I just wanted to make sure I understand this;

    I was hired AFTER August 1, 2008 (October to be exact) as apart time sorter. So based on the contract i will get only a $.50 raise ONCE PER YEAR until the 4th year? Instead of like you guys who get $.75 this year and progessing each year? Or is there 2 raises a year? ( I heard 1 in febuary and 1 in august.)

    So do I have it right? Will i get .50 once a year or more?
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    yes you stay on the "progression scale" as its called until you hit year 4.. then you will get the contract raises after that
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    This is the part-time wage scale for "New Hires" like yourself:

    October 2008 .... $8.50
    90 days ............ $9.50
    October 2009 ... $10.00
    October 2010 ... $10.50
    October 2011 ... $11.00
    October 2012 ... $11.87

    The current Contract expires July 31, 2013. Who knows what will happen after that?

    Note that the above progression is actually a five-year progression, (though just about everyone seems to assume it only lasts four years because of the deceptive way it is worded in the Contract.)

    Unfortunately you do not qualify for the General Wage Increases ("split raises") that are paid every August 1st and February 1st.

    If at any time you move into a sorter or preloader part-time position, you will make a dollar more than the above rates. So if you are sorting, (as you say you currently are,) make sure they are paying you the extra dollar per hour.