wages for management?


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expect to work 27.5 hours a week and bring home a little over 500 every other week. christmas bonus (half months check at a higher tax rate) and expect to pay about 15-30 a pay period if you get insurance. also know if you want to drive, you have to wait for an outside hire potion, which i think is 6 to 1 ratio.
if you are in school it could be a good idea because they help with tuition reimbersment.
Thanks SEEING!

I appreciate that info. The thing is, I am in school but I'm a "returnee". I was a freshman in 1998 and left in 2000. I came back in 2005 and in 2005 I also landed a nice professional job here at the University I'm attending. I have to say, I've got excellent benefits here (I'm guessing UPS' benefits, while great, may not be as good) and a relatively relaxed job. I'm bringing home (after taxes and such) about $1515.00 a month and have tuition waived when I'm willing to wait until the employee registration period (which is after everyone else, so that makes it hard). I was sort of hoping this job might pay well enough for me to work it part time and leave more time for school, but it doesn't sound very promising. Being married and having a baby on the way in October makes it hard to give up any of my current salary.

Is there any flexibility with regard to the pay rate that you're aware of?