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    Can anyone fill me in on this or explain? Lol,

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    Notice the date of the video, 11/23/10, it is a peak season helper being trained by a supervisor. The packages are brought out to the delivery area by a driver and left in either a pup trailer or a "POD" portable storage unit for delivery by the helper. Its an effective method in some areas of the country, but the first year they tried it up here we got about 18" of snow in the 2 weeks before Christmas and the bikes were pretty much useless. Notice also the FLAT area in the video, we have had trouble when some IE genius planned out the bike helper areas based upon "stop density" maps that he made using Google Earth, while totally overlooking the fact that Google Earth does not show whether or not a street happens to be on a HILL.
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    Where are the E-brakes for when stopped at ntersections?
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    why cant i see the links?
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    Use your seeing habits.
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    I can't see them either. Been having this problem for several weeks now.
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    Can you see other youtube vids? If so, try searching on youtube using the info you see on the post. You might have something disabled in your browser maybe?
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    I guess it's ok to stop and talk with the public if your sup is with you.
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    2 years ago there was a bike helper doing part of my route. The first week he worked, it was getting down to 12 degrees in the AM and the poor guy had frozen snot caked all over his mustache and chin. Then the weather changed, and the next week the temps were in the upper 30's/low 40's and we got about an inch of rain every single day. The guy got so wet that he would literally have to take his coat off and wring the water out of it like it was a mop. Plus we were on PAS and they kept giving him a part of the neighborhood that was on a hill so steep he couldnt possibly make it up there on a bike so I would have to come and meet him to take those stops off. What a joke.
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    I have an idea, tell me if I am not ready for UPS mgmt.

    We all take a bike out in the back of the UPS package car, once on route we park the PC and bike back to the PC to get stops, just think of the money we will save on gas, lol.
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    You are definitely management material. Make sure your drivers ring their bells when pedaling up to the front door.
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    I just wanna wear my Hurleys one day.