War With a "-D" Instead of an "-R"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Unfortunately, I think most Americans support our intervention in Afghanistan. Though I thought the Iraq war was wrong right from the beginning, even I once supported our Afghanistan adventure, especially right after 9/11.
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    Like all the other Anti-War articles, there's a tone of shock that I'm trying hard not to snicker at. Even as a Senate candidate Obama declared he wasn't "against all wars, just dumb wars." And during the campaign he emphasized his commitment to win in Afghanistan and withdraw combative troops responsibly from Iraq. Apparently you can't just remove a couple of hundred thousand troops in a day, who knew?

    Maybe the lack of opposition to Obama's war policy is due to the fact that the policy is utterly reasonable: End the war we shouldn't have fought in a manner that doesn't shock the system over there or expose our troops to unnecessary danger, and fight and destroy the organization that has morphed that attacked us on 9/11, and vigorously defend our interests abroad when threatened by violent thugs like the Somali pirates.

    For my part, I support the Obama Adm because I am confident in his judgment as commander-in-chief and so far hasn't deviated from his promises. I've yet to see the president do anything in terms of foreign policy that even approaches "imperialism." The extreme left, like its counterpart on the right, needs to take a pill and come to terms with the reality that no one is going to enact their respective agendas point-for-point
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    If Obama felt that the best plan was to slowly withdraw from Iraq to avoid shocking the system then he should have presented that plan before getting elected. Instead he talked some pretty big stuff that led people to believe he would pull out fairly quickly.

    Obama hanging out with Castro and Chavez was entertaining. not sure what to make of his foriegn policy yet.
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    I love that last photo, it reminds us how Orwellian our society has become.

    "...we've always been at war with Eastasia"

    As for Ted Rall, he is what I would call an ultra-liberal who I read to get the left's perspective of the world. While I did not find his slur of the German people particularly offensive to the 50% of me that is of German descent, I do not agree that the US loves to kill Muslims for the sake of killing Muslims. Though the way people in this country throw around the terms "rag head", or "towel head", and generally have a very negative view of Muslims, it is easy to see why one might think we act that way. I do agree with his basic premise that our Afghanistan adventure is unwinnable and that we should leave the area as soon as possible.
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    Is Ted Rall also the cartoonist Ted Rall? The reason I ask is I saw this cartoon yesterday and it was done by a Ted Rall. I also LMAO at it too!

    Also George McGovern wrote an op-ed for the LA Times on our current policy regarding Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Voices in the African American community are starting to russle and in ways not good for President Obama or the democrat party. The Black Agenda Report had a piece entitled, "Freedom Rider: No Better Off With Democrats" which also offers an interesting perspective of our current political situation.

    And when it comes to transparency which was part of the change we were told was coming, I found this comment from the Freedom Rider blog that is produced by the editor of Black Agenda Report.

    Freedom Rider Blog (Warning: If you hate Ahmadinejad/Iran/Chavez do not visit this blog. It will only cause you upset and jack up your bloodpressure) :wink2: It's interesting to read at the "Distant Ocean" link about the easy access to find things on the Bush White House website (and having data mined there myself I would echo that opinion) verses the Obama White House. And the folks at Distant Ocean as you might tell in reading are not by any stretch Red Staters!

    You mentioned getting some "left" perspective which I wholeheartedly encourage so I thought I'd throw a couple ideas your way.

    I will say this about President Obama however, initially when he spoke several weeks ago about legal action against Bush officials for over reach in regards to torture, President Obama, at the time, closed the door on leaving the past in the past which upset a lot of folks including this one. Now he seems to have "CHANGED" in regards to that position and I think that is a good thing and I also think he's responding to pressures from public outcries (another reason to be very vocal), again another good thing, responding to outcries that is.

    I don't believe we'll see mass trials and mass convictions of Bush adminstration officials but at least getting the truth all out on the table, transparency again, does let this country truly know where everything stands and we can put this issue to rest and move beyond it. It also let's the jury at the election booth have the ultimate say in conviction or aquital as it should be.

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    Just a few more pictures to add of our leaders with tyrannical despots, many of whom we put in power. When it comes to this kind of stuff, neither party has a monopoly over the other.


    But then it was also democrats and democrat leaders who gave the world this:


    And look where we are today! Had we not provoked the Japanese with out imperial meddling in the FarEast and then stuck our nose in 1917' Europe, there may have never been a Hitler nor an attack on Pearl Harbor and therefore no need for the above and a 50 year cold war that demanded control of Middle East Oil. Ah, there's that Blowback again!

    And to end on a funny note, there is always this:


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    Yes, it is the same Ted Rall.

    I enjoyed your links.

    You know what is unfortunate? Politics boils down to, for many people, as an "us vs. them", college football type rivalry. The issues seem not to matter as much as winning and losing does. Liberals become hawks when their people are in power, doves when they are not. Conservatives cry out for fiscal responsibility when they no longer control the purse strings, and they spend like a drunk on payday when they do.

    And the ironic part? The people who point out this madness are accused of being madmen themselves.

    At least we have the internet to learn and to commiserate with each other on how the major parties, in league with the media, are trying to drive us over the cliff. Hopefully, more and more people will wake up to this. And if we are lucky, we won't become too much of a police state for us to take our nation back.
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    Couldn't have said it any better.

    On that same line I heard a good one yesterday that is a bumper sticker which I'm going to have to find. I'm not a bumper sticker person (why ruin a perfectly good bumper:happy-very:) but I'm thinking, just a little bit, of making an exception for this one.

    Probably get me on the "watch list" of both parties but the humorous truth in it is so true!

    Also consider this:

    Ashame the minority won't let the majority of us do exactly what we want to do and that is just live our lives!

    Here's something to do if you get a chance. Even though I don't talk much on it, I'm big in alternative energy and alternative housing and lifestyle. I have somewhat put my money where my mouth is and over the last 5 plus years dropped our home energy consumption by over 60% and I'm not done yet. Numerous years ago, a home building concept called Earthships hit the scene (made famous by the late Dennis Weaver) but a New Mexico architect named Mike Reynolds took the ball and ran with it. Now it wasn't perfect and situations happened and ultimately Mike found himself afoul of the powers that be. I didn't know but a UK company did a documentary on Mike and it has been airing on the Sundance Channel under the title, "Garbage Warrior." If you get the chance, watch it. Mike's got his faults, nobody is perfect but knowing myself firsthand how local builders, developers and powers that be control the system for their own monopoly/cartel, watching Mike deal with the same in his area should at least open some eyes about what is really going on with gov't.

    It's not about what's best for society as a whole! The bumper sticker above IMO just proves it best!

    Love the Rall's cartoon as well. So sad but so true!
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    BTW: Looking for a good investment in these harsh investment times?

    Look no further:

    L-3 post 5% rise in profits

    Speaks volumes about where we're going as a society!
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