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    In Defense of the Cowboy


    By Andrew Bernstein

    Those who oppose war with Iraqfrom foreign heads of state to homegrown antiwar protestersemploy a common expression of contempt for the American war effort. America, they sneer, is acting like a "cowboy."

    A mock interview with Saddam Hussein conducted by a European intellectual is written to show, in one news report's summary, "what out-of-control cowboys the Americans are." A recent New York Times article explains that to some Europeans the "major problem is Bush the cowboy." U.S. Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut agrees, stating that America must not "act like a unilateral cowboy."

    These smears imply that the heyday of the cowboy in the Old West was a lawless period when trigger-happy gunmen shot it out with reckless abandon and brute force reigned.

    But to most Americans, the cowboy is not a villain but a hero. What we honor about the cowboy of the Old West is his willingness to stand up to evil and to do it alone, if necessary. The cowboy is a symbol of the crucial virtues of courage and independence.

    The original cowboys were hard-working ranchers and settlers who tamed a vast wilderness. In the process, they had to contend with violent outlaws as well as warlike Indian tribes. The honest men on the frontier did not wring their hands in fear, uncertainty and moral paralysis; they stood up to evil men and defeated them.

    The Texas Rangersa small band of lawmen who patrolled a vast frontierbest exemplified the cowboy code. Whether they fought American outlaws, Mexican bandits or marauding Comanches, they were generally outnumbered, sometimes by as much as fifty to one. It was said of them: "They were men who could not be stampeded." For example, when Ranger officer John B. Armstrong boarded a train in pursuit of the infamous murderer John Wesley Hardin, he was confronted by five desperadoes. Armstrong took them on single-handed, killing one and capturing Hardin. In describing their independence and courage, Ranger captain Bob Crowder said: "A Ranger is an officer who is able to handle any situation without definite instructions from his commanding officer or higher authority."

    The real-life courage of such heroes has been properly memorialized and glorified in countless fictional works. The Lone Ranger television show, Jack Schaefer's classic novel, Shane, and dozens of John Wayne movies, among others, have captured the essence of the Western hero's character: his unshakeable moral confidence in the face of evil. It is this vision of the cowboy, not the European slander, that Americans find inspiring. That's why, when President Bush said of Osama bin Laden, "Wanted: Dead or Alive," most Americans cheered.

    The only valid criticism of President Bush, in this context, is that he is not true enough to the heritage of the Lone Star State. When the Texas Rangers went after a bank robber or rustler, they didn't wait to ask the permission of his fellow gang members. Yet Bush is asking permission from a U.N. Security Council that includes Syria, one of the world's most active sponsors of terrorism.

    Today the terrorists responsible for blowing up our cities are far more evil than the bandits and gunmen faced by the heroes of the Old West. To defeat them, we will require all the more the cowboy's virtues of independence and moral courage.

    Even as our European critics use the "cowboy" image as a symbol of reckless irresponsibility, they implicitly reveal the real virtues they are attacking. European leaders assail Americans because our "language is far too blunt" and because we see the struggle between Western Civilization and Islamic fanaticism in "black-and-white certainties." They whine about our "Texas attitude" and whimper that "an American president who makes up his mind and then will accept no argument" is a greater danger than murderous dictators. In short, they object to America's willingness to face the facts, to make moral judgments, to act independently, and to battle evil with unflinching courage.

    These European critics are worse than the timid shopkeeper in an old Hollywood Western. They don't merely want to avoid confronting evilthey seek to prevent anyone else from recognizing evil and standing up to it.

    Texas Ranger captain Bill McDonald reputedly stated: "No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that is in the right and keeps on a-comin'." If America fully embraces this cowboy wisdom and courage, then the Islamic terrorists and the regimes that support them had better run for cover. They stand no chance in the resulting showdown.
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    [​IMG]AMEN brother, I don't remember anyone objecting to us gettin involved in ww2 and saving there ass!!!!!!! the world neads to realize that we were attacked and we are pissed and tired of being "nice" to satisfy everyone else, lets see how the terroist do against the best armed forces in the world for awhile.[​IMG]
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    Anybody ever read the Journals from the House of Burgesses?

    circa 1609, Jamestown, Virginia

    or how about what Christopher Columbus "really" did when he landed on the Canary (Bahamas) Islands

    pretty nasty stuff these white European settlers brought to America.

    Just another perspective of how this war looks to some people in the world.

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    My view, THEY brought this war here to begin with. Sorry that we see fit to take it to them in their country, but rather there than here.

    War sucks, there is no escaping that.

    I just find it interesting that France has one of the largest populations of dictators/terrorists in exile, living the high life and enjoying the protection of the Frenchies. And with all the money they have, they can buy the gooberments votes to stay that way and effect Frances veiw to the world.

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    You can't compare WWII with this. WWII was raging in Europe before we decided to get involved. I do not want war but have to support our troops over sea and here at home.

    I agree with you whne you said "they brought it here". I lost my Aunt on 9/11 tower 2. But dont confuse the two, that was Bin lauden, this is a different guy.
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    Oh really? Last year Sadam the madman gave over 150 million to aid and abet terrorists. THat included at least $10,000 per family of those that died while killing jews and those that support them. THat includes those that died at 9-11. So how is he inocent? Osamma has millions, and Sadam is helping and assisting. Wouldnt be suprised if we find osama hiding in one of the off limits castles.

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    <font color="0000ff">I live right by Fort Campbell, Ky. It's becoming a ghost town just like it did leading up to "Gulf War One." I say get rid of Saddam with one bullet or one bomb or something of that sort if possible...or I guess I should say...WHEN possible. Get rid of him....PROBLEM SOLVED!</font>
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    FEEDERDRYVER ... Columbus was from Genoa that's in present day Italy, Italy supports Bush's war does that make him alright now.

    ARCHIBALD ... America got involved in WW2 because of Pearl Harbour. An attack by Japan who were allies of Fascist Germany and Italy. Before that lend lease was just pure profit and the US was an isolationist state. How the worm has turned!

    Take a step back is it a fact or is it propaganda!?
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    Small correction UK. Japan was declared war on because of the attack on Pearl. It was only AFTER Germany was encouraged to declare war on the USA by Japan that we declared war on Germany. Germany was not interested in tangling with the USA as she was mired up with the USSR and didnt want the possibility of a second front. But Japan forced the issue. SAme end result, just slightly different methods. But the rest of your posting are dead on.

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    Reasons to go after France following Iraq...
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    "A group of American anti-war demonstrators who came to Iraq with Japanese human shield volunteers made it across the border today with 14 hours of uncensored video, all shot without Iraqi government minders present. Kenneth Joseph, a young American pastor with the Assyrian Church of the East, told UPI the trip "had shocked me back to reality." Some of the Iraqis he interviewed on camera "told me they would commit suicide if American bombing didn't start. They were willing to see their homes demolished to gain their freedom from Saddam's bloody tyranny. They convinced me that Saddam was a monster the likes of which the world had not seen since Stalin and Hitler. He and his sons are sick sadists. Their tales of slow torture and killing made me ill, such as people put in a huge shredder for plastic products, feet first so they could hear their screams as bodies got chewed up from foot to head."

    from: http://www.upi.com/Business_News/Se...21/Lucky-Break-for-Jordan/UPI-59231048275949/

    Thanks to http://www.boortz.com/ for telling about the above article.
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    There is the possibility that God made us the superpower that we are for such a day as this. I don't pray to Allah, and won't be forced to. I pray to the true God through the salvation of His Son, Jesus Christ. I expect the God I serve to help us in this war. There is every reason to believe that he is.
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    An appropriate picture wkmac. Coalition troops are moving across Iraq at a very rapid pace. They are are doing a tremendous job.
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    GOD Bless you man !!! I agree with you 110% !!
    Only through Jesus Christ can one attain salvation. Jesus spoke about false prophets. John had visions of wars, rumors of wars, nation rising up against nation, and Babylon burning (possibly modern day Baghdad) in the End Times, etc. I think the Muslims worship the same God, they just have the wrong prophet. I see pictures in today's newspapers showing the compassion our troops are giving to captured Iraqi soldiers. Could this be Christianity at work? Would the Islamic Iraqis treat us in the same way? Look at what they did to our POW's back in Gulf 1

    So many times I have called upon the name of Jesus Christ during these tough economic times and He has come trough for me.
    If anyone is out there that is a skeptic or unbeliever..just try it sometime and see what happens. It may not happen right away like you expect, but He will come through for you in His own way. trust me and trust.. HIM !!!!

    And for those that blame religion for the wars in this world..just tell me how many wars America started because of religion?? NONE !!
    And bringing up the Christian Crusades is not an acceptable answer.. that was hundreds of years ago in Europe under a naive king who didn't understand the true meaning of Jesus Christ and used Christianity as a way to power. I condemn the Crusades knowing that was not what Christianity is all about.

    And since there is freedom of speech in this country I must add that..being a former Catholic
    I realize that many of my Catholic friends and family spend way too much time praying to Mary and the Saints and not enough time praying to Christ. This is WRONG and a form of idolatry. St. Anthony is not going to help you FIND your way to salvation and statues of Mary will not cry blood tears because she's upset.
    Take time and read scripture rather than relying on your priest's words. If you read, you will see how far many (not all) Catholics have strayed from the way of Christ.

    God Bless everyone !!

    PS.. does anyone know that the probable site of The Garden of Eden is somewhere between the Tigris and Euphrates River? The very possible sight of Baghdad (Babylon). Look at a blown up satellite picture of Iraq and you will see that the only green non-mountain area is where Baghdad is..the rest is all dessert (except up by the borders of Turkey and western Iran which is a mountain area) FYI.