Warning About Redlight Cameras

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wkmac, May 23, 2010.

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    In court you have the right to face your accuser and since the camera doesn't come to court, you should be able to get out of it.
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    Minnesota had all their red light camers removed and all tickets issued because of them thrown out. Another waste of taxpayer money
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    I hate them, I'm surprised I never got a ticket in my package car from one. In the county I work in, they shortened the time of the caution light, usually only three or four cars can make a left hand turn before they turn red. If you get caught in the intersection, a $75 ticket shows up in the mail later. They did cut down on three or four people running red lights when they first turn. I used to laugh when I was sitting at an intersection and you could see the flash from the cameras go off on an out of town vehicle running the light. I had the cameras go off several times on me when the car in front of me slammed on its brakes when I was making a left turn and was in the middle of the intersection. I never heard anything about it though.
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    Shouldn't people be more concerned with getting caught in red light districts?:happy2:
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    If your package car is like many I have seen, the license plate probably has so much dirt on it that the camera can't capture the image well enough to verify the plate number.
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    The lens is wide enough to capture the vehicle number.
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    That's not the criterion that they issue tickets by, at least that is what I think.
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    The picture will show the license plate and the driver so I would have to assume that it would also show the vehicle number in the case of a package car.
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    That would take 2 camera's here in Florida. We don't have front license plates.

    It seems to me that there would be far fewer incidents/accidents/collisions if the powers that be just made the yellow light last a little longer, giving people a larger window to slow down.
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    That will never work because people are always pushing the limit........after all, yellow means go a little faster !!
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    May as well give it a try. It is better than the camera option.
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    That only applies to criminal offenses, runnung a red light is a misdemeanor.

    The RL system they had here was all computerized, no visible plate number, no ticket. The only time it was viewed by human eyes was on a contest of the ticket.
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    In MA , the law states that a police officer has to witness the offense in order for a ticket to be given.
    Some towns have passed the idea of installing cameras, but none have done so yet.
  16. Auburn and Worcester have had some installed recently, but I dont know if they're operational yet.
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    Everything you say is true. I would need the exact reading of the law to know how a particular state does it. I know a little more about New York than other states and since you live there, let's work with that state.

    New York State treats the red light offense as a parking ticket. Pictures of the driver aren't necessary nor are the cameras set up to get the picture of the driver. The camera is set behind the intersection . It is not important who the driver is. The ticket is sent to the owner of the vehicle, just as if it were a parking ticket.

    In the case of a UPS package car, if the plate number does not show up clearly in the picture, then what is the person (who is trying to decipher the picture) to do? He knows it is a ups vehicle, he can see the vehicle number but to whom does he send the ticket with the right information on it to ? He doesn't have a database to match ups vehicle numbers with license plate numbers. If you receive a parking ticket without the full license plate number on the ticket , it would be dismissed (no cop would write a non moving violation like a parking ticket without a license plate number). The same would happen with a red light camera ticket.

    Maybe other states do it differently but in regards to this, I believe the procedure would be the same.

    Maybe, you UPStateNYUPSER , are thinking like a cop when it comes to determining the identity of a wrongdoer. For example, let's say a package car driver did a hit and run and blew a red light after he hit another vehicle and set off the camera. Let's say the camera caught the back end of the ups pc but only got the first two digits of the plate and most of the vehicle number(one digit obscured). Then the cops would use the info they got to narrow down their search and I am sure the nearby hub would get a visit and the offender would get charged for hit and run eventually based on that spotty info.

    But for all intents and purposes, this is just like a parking ticket in New York and without the full license plate number(that is the crucial evidence) , no ticket.