Smile, You're On Camera


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Ok why is it ok to let them get even more advanced technology?
They don’t have nothing much more than I have on my phone to watch over my kid while driving around. IMO, the ones who are so concerned about the “technology” are the same people who are trying to game the system somehow. IE, telematics(now can’t be shady to pump up the bonus.) Seen these same dudes over the last 30 years…a bunch of gamers.


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Will they endorse any of these GOP candidates come reelection?

Idk. Ask Senator Hawley.



Good thing I wore my brown pants
So if you get in a Tier 3 accident it can be used.

So which is it, it can be used or it can’t be used?

According to you, it just depends. I guess Article 6, Section 6 works, except when it doesn’t.

Good to know.
He clearly stated the forward facing camera. You're gaslighting.