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    Ive been reading most of the threads here. I just want to say that those of You who think UPS sucks, well it probaly does.
    Life at UPS is not unique to UPS. The "Hitler" style management is everywhere in America. Look at how many families have both parents working in order to make ends meet.
    So those of You who look back and have regrets about not getting quality time with Your family, its not just UPSers who experience this. Its everywhere in America.
    America has become a wasteland of mindless robots who bark orders to other robots.
    Its not UPS that has the disease, Its America.
    Corporate America is full of little "eichman's"
    Stick a fork in it, America is toast

    Next time you feel beaten and down by the system, just remember,
    "Middle America" is there with You. We see the sickness on our end as well

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    I'm on my way to Canada as we speak!
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    Individuals like yourself tend to confuse correlation and causality. This points you in the wrong direction. Pretty soon you're destroying your own freedoms and prosperity in a frantic search to root out the evil. It is not "Hitler" type management that results from labor/management relationships. On the contrary, in a free economy labor buyers(management) and labor suppliers(workers) typically enjoy the same equality of respect and esteem that any other consumer/seller relationship does. All humans have the same nature and that excludes each of us from perfection. The remedy to this has been found in the free market of goods and ideas - all exchange takes place because each party perceives a benefit. To understand this you must view labor as a commodity, no different than goods like oranges or petroleum. Labor is traded just the same. When a labor provider(worker) seeks out employment he/she is attempting to trade services for a medium of exchange(money) because that individual values the wage received higher than the value of service performed. On the flip side, a labor buyer values the services higher than the wages paid out. The differential in valuation is pure profit.

    When you have laws barring entry to any market you discover inter-relationships are disturbed all thoughout the economy. My point is that a union, which is nothing more than a monopolizer of labor restricting entry into a specific field, causes distortion by shutting the door to free entry. This, not surprisingly, makes labor more costly than it would otherwise be. It's no wonder that a firm seeking services from a monopoly of labor will find confrontation rather than mutual respect. What do you expect the private firm to reciprocate with other than the same hard nosed stature.

    As far as the two income family and the destruction of traditional america goes, I think you will find the root of that evil within the federal reserves ability to grow money and credit. But that's a whole other lecture.

    I am not anti-union, per se. I am just against a government grant of monopoly, whether that be to labor seller or buyer.

    I do agree with you that complaining about UPS is absurd, in a sense. Employees of UPS should zip it and enjoy the fact that they are benefiting with higher that market wages from a union restricting entry into a field of labor that requires no formal education and matter of hours in training. The only thing UPS asks of its employees is a sturdy work ethic. Too bad that is even too much to ask these days.
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    a job and a life is what you make of it...don't blame UPS or America for your troubles...
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    God bless the Queen!

  6. Me?...Hell no, I'm heading south to Mexico!!!!!!
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    Mexico is warmer
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    Well said my brother. I agree completely.
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    I meant God Save the Queen!
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    Oh what a bunch of Bull S... Ups is hard work period, Its also a decent place to work. America is in great shape and if anybody is to stupid to find some where they can afford their lives thats called freedom of choice buddy. Freedom to make insipid rants like yours. The only "disease" is maybe we have too much of everything in this great land. That gives rise to slackers like yourself that are overwhelmed by the challenge. Open your eyes embrace the struggle called democracy. Can you cope with your (Whoa is me)liberal 2nd rate college education, "little eichman.... america is toast" ? I bet you're rasied by a single mother, no father would tolerate such a pansie.
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    ohhh, dont be bringing single mother's into this!
    my Mom raised 4 kids on her own. put 2 through college and all 4 of us have a good work ethic and bust our butts to do the right thing for our families. One of the best things she taught us was to work hard and do the best for your family. Slacking WAS NOT an option. and so, with my kids, it is not an option.

    And I know lots of sperm donors that support the slacker lifestyle. Let someone else do the work for them. let their wife/girlfriend do all the work so they can sit on thier butts and take a ride.

    Work hard. Put in your time. If your not happy here, adjust your attitude or find another place to work.
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    Ditto. I'm happy just to have this job. America is getting soft because most young people are afraid to get a job. It's disgusting. Most people who are on this site complaining about the job should try doing something else. George Carlin once said "the homeless are there just to scare the **** out of the middle class" In 35 years I've had better jobs, and way worse jobs.
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    "Most people who are on this site complaining about the job..." are people who go to work everyday and do that job under very adverse conditions. They have earned the right to complain. I f you don't think they have that right, perhaps you should move to some country where they will jail you for expressing your opinion. You'll fit right in.
  15. The Brown Santa

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    Don't we all..... I never said they "don't have the right to complain" What I'm saying is, "if you don't like it, go work at Wal Mart" America was built on hard work.
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    I got pulled into the office one day and was handed a piece of paper that had all my injury reports on it over the past 12 years. I was told I cost the company $35,000 dollars. I didn't think of it at the time, but my answer should have been "and how much have I earned for the company?"
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    I think you will find many in the hourly ranks of UPS who have a formal education. Many with degrees. While I agree that there is way too much whining going on, I take offense when one suggests that our job can be done by some hillbilly with 3 hours of training. True, the job is very physical, but it also requires the ability to organize and in a sense run your own business. I consider my truck as my own business. You can either run it well or not. While the PASS system has tryed to dumb down the driver it has only made it more important that the driver knows what they are doing. If you run it the way it is set up, you will NEVER get it done. My wish is that those who are ever so educated and set this system up would listen to the ignorant men and women who day in and day out do thier best to get the job done.
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    I didn't mean to imply that package car drivers are ignorant or dumb. I myself am a package car driver and take great pride in my work. And I don't think of myself a s dumb. Yet, there is no escaping the fact that this is a blue collar job that requires quick wits, but absolutely NO education beyond the basics. I was trying to paint a realistic picture of life as a driver.
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    There are different kinds of education. Many of us have more than the basic you refer to. Some of it comes from years in college and even more from actually doing the job for many years. Then there are those that have a ton of education who come in straight from college and have absolutely no idea as to what it takes to get this job done. It would seem many of them were hired to implement the PASS system. They were here for 3 weeks, and 2 years later we are still trying to get the kinks out of it. Same thing everyday, you pull a bad pal label off and give it to the educated ones and they say,"I don't know why the system is doing that." Mind you, the bad label is not the accidental type, it is in the computer, and the educated powers that be cannot or will not fix it. If you want to paint a realistic picture of UPS then start at the top. It would seem the dumbness flows downhill.
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    PASS System, I know this is going in a different direction guys. But the PASS System is going to allow UPS (when and if they get all the kinks out of it) to be able to bring ANYONE, (those people who some of you say don;t have the skills to drive and deliver packages) off the street who is qualified to work, IF and when the IBT or whatever UNION it may be calls a strike. If it happens again UPS will be prepared for it. THINK ABOUT IT. It starts from the preloaders.