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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 804brown, Jan 12, 2012.

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    I didn't watch your matter where I clicked, it didn't show the length of it.

    I'm assuming it's the same one Newt has going around about 30 mins. long.. I'll remind you that Bain may have had a 30% fail rate, but that means that 70% of the time they were successful in saving companies. I'd rather see some companies get saved than all of them go under. Some people will lose their jobs.....just like they did when Obama rescued G.M. workers were laid off (20,000 jobs in 4 years) 1300 dealerships closed......Obama played capitol verturist too.

    Even in the movie, Pretty Woman, Richard Gere was a venture capitalist. It's part of capitalism.
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    But romney made over $250 MILLION by firing the working and middle class in droves in ways not designed to promote growth or efficiency BUT ONLY TO ENRICH BAIN!! He is Gordon Gekko!!
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    We all have to perform well for the company we work for........Romney, Gecko or a UPS driver.
    Believe it or not, people like Gordon are idolized by many.
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    You act like Mitt was the only one to benefit from Bain making a profit.
    What about those that had invested their money with Bain ?
    Like some union and non union pension funds ?
    And how can you place blame on Bain after they sold off their shares to another group who then be it a few months or years later closed down ?
    By the way The Weather Channel is supported by both MSNBC and Bain Capital.
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    You wont take the time to listen, digest, formulate or accept any information that may turn you against your programming at FOXED SPEWS.

    Thats the strange part about right wingers. They have lost the ability to listen.

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    The ethics are the problem, not the capitalism. Do you blame Romney being about making money for himself and Bain? That was the point, after all, to capitalize on others and make as much money as possible.
    What do you think UPS does every day? Do you think they care about you, or care about the customer? No, they care about profit.
    People get away from the ethics involved, and focus on the business and the "victims" of Bain. The capitalism aspect. From the business aspect, Romney does what thousands of others have done to get rich quick.
    My problem with Romney is that he had his career handed to him by a group of billionaires. He initially denied working with Bain again, when they created a "complicated" deal where most of the financial risk was shouldered by Bain, not Romney. That's where Romney went from successful to mega-success.
    Romney may have a lot of money and expertise in business mgmt and finance, but much like Mr. Burns or Fred Smith, but he shouldn't be seen as a viable candidate for POTUS.
    Nor should Obama , though, so... ;)
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    Romney has no sense of what it was not like to be the very wealthy son of an already wealthy father. He has no idea of the real fear of losing your job or the bills that affect millions of hard working americans.
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    You're just guessing. You have no idea what went on in his childhood home. Maybe his dad made him do chores for every nickel he got. Maybe he learned at a young age if you want something you have to work for it.

    Most Mormon families teach a work ethic and a ' self sustain' thinking. Just because he was born into a wealthy family doesn't mean he was spoiled. He served a 2 yr. mission too. I think he got educated, and worked hard for everything he's got.