Way to go Freight

browned out

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You are our brothers and sisters. Keep up the fight. The Teamsters are attempting to bury your rejection of the UPS/Teamster colluded CBA. We support you 100%. If the Fear Tactic Work Stoppage ever occurs; we will not cross any picket line. Stand your ground. Hoffa lost the general election in the US. We at UPS ground voted the CBA down. YET BOTH OF THOSE POS still stand.

Don't settle short. Record profits and record dividends will continue to pour in to the shareholders. Your hard work and dedication deserves to share in that.


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Thank you, now the scare tactics really heat up. They are telling our clerks to be prepared to lose there jobs because we could close down at any moment. One of our Stewards is going around telling drivers that were going to close. Lets see what happens in the next 30 days. Have a good day and I'll try to keep you posted with what goes on.


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I heard some Company called Coyote Logistics is supposedly ready to just take over. If there is a lockout hopefully there is a way to extend the picket line to package. I wish our pilots could have done that.