Where is the UPS Freight Forum?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by browned out, Oct 10, 2018.

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    I must be missing something. But where is any info relating to the UPS freight workers VOTING their pos contract down?

    Good job UPS Freight. I will help with your bills WHEN the WORK STOPPAGE HITS.

    Still no mention of either the UPS Package or Freight Contract Vote on the Teamsters website. You know why? Because it is hard to spin forcing a contract thru when the majority of members voted NO. Hoffa/Taylor must be trying to find someone who is better than some of the other Vote Yes slappies they had pushing the contract.

    At least 10 UPDATES in a month leading up to the vote of the biggest Teamster employer by far. WHY NO UPSDATE NOW?
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    OK. It stands to reason that there would be some mention of the UPS FREIGHT UNION contract rejection in the UPS Union Issues Forum. They are our UPS/teamster union brothers and sisters. They are UPSers and they are union so why isn't this topic discussed here?
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    If UPS freight was to strike, aren't we supposed to support them? We supported other Union strikes in the past via not delivering or pick up from strike locations. I've had that on my Route. I'm sure UPS would sub contract or use scabs but I still can't see our operations doing to well if freight shut down. Lol
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    Check under contractor section.
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    I heard from my on road sup that if UPS Freight strikes then we have to deliver freight from our package cars. Has anyone else heard this?
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    Yep, they’re gonna convert a bunch of TP60’s into flatbeds and make sure every driver has a forklift. They’re doing away with the shelves and the stepdown in the back of the larger cars to make sure they can handle more freight.
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