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    This is very sad.

    Barracks for Charlie CO 2/508 82n Airborne
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    On this matter, we can agree. Its a shame and totally rediculous that these types of circumstances exist.

    They however, do exist in all parts of the country.

    Rather than give you a lecture on the fiscal policy of the Bush admin, I would rather agree that "WE" as americans , whether we like the wars or not, do ALL THAT WE CAN to let our congressmen and senators know that this is unacceptable.

    I participate in the adopt a soldier program here in so cal, and spend many weekends with my particular group, helping army families fix homes, clean yards and fund raise to help pay the utilities of army families.

    I may be an anti war american, because i dont believe the policy was legitimate, but I do support those men and women who have done what is asked and need our help.

    Hopefully, this video will shed a greater light on a serious problem.

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    Thanks for posting this. I was extremely saddened by this video because Ft. Bragg NC is the place of my birth as my father at the time was a young LT. He is now in his late 70's and I don't have the heart to show him this but my mom saw it and she got teary eyed. I'm sorry to get a bit political here but instead of giving me that "GD" stimulus check, Bush should use that money to correct gross gov't "abuse" of our men and women who serve this nation in it's highest calling.


    Thanks for your efforts with the adopt a soldier program as one of our favorite charites is the Wounded Warrior program. Regardless the politics, I just pray that this will all end, that peace, prosperity and goodwill would return for all people's and our hero's can come back home.


    And yes I will contact my scoundrel.....uh Congressman in Washington!
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    That is crazy but fortunately that is becoming rare. I remember when my dad was in the army most bases were still using those horrible barracks. Over the past 10 years or so the Army has drastically improved their facilities. It will be a while before these crappy barracks are all replaced. For years it was well known that if you wanted to have a better standard of living you should join the Air Force or Navy. The Army and Marines were known having to live in older unkept barracks with no privacy while the Air Force was living comfortably in what were basically college dorm rooms. I've seen Army and Marines slowly catch up with the Air Force and Navy with my own eyes. The barracks in that video are example of the old way. Thank god.
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    My brother now that I think of it confirms exactly what you said as he was in the Air Force 15 to 20 years ago. Good point but let's do hope this situation is the exception and not the rule. Somehow though Walter Reed doesn't give me that warm and fuzzy.

    Was Tie in the Air Force? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else but if so, maybe he could chime in!
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    I'm guessin' Tie was a Marine..
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    I wonder what the division SGM has to say about this if he still has a job. To me it seems like just because they are getting new living quarters would be a very poor excuse for these living conditions. I think someone should be taking a close look at these contractors. Honestly if they have no place better for these men they should put them on leave until they find a more suitable place.
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    I think he has posted he was an Army Medic.

    These barracks are ridiculous, no doubt. They have obviously not been maintained well. I have seen barracks on a local base that look as old or older. Our military people deserve much better than this.
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    Looks like Mr. Frawley has had a little impact with his youtube video.

    Way to go.:thumbup:
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    Also, I just heard on the news that the video did, in fact, have an effect. These barracks have now been repainted, most of the plumbing repaired and the work goes on. Sometimes you have to keep their feet to the fire and that video sure accomplished its purpose.

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    And thanks to AV to alerting the rest of us here about this video.

    Once again, the internet has proven it value to spread infornmation about what is really going on in the world. And they wonder in amazement why less and less people are watching old world media and Katie Couric!
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    Katie who?
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