Well....I had my local level hearing.

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  1. I understand that the UPS Labor guys are trying to paint a picture of me, but it was extremely difficult to sit through 2.5 hours of hearing what a disrespectful, worthless, no good son of a bitch I am after 17 years of employment. A man starts to question himself whether what they're saying actually has substance. I think i'm a genuinely good person like most UPSer's are, who would give a person the shirt off my back and do whatever it takes to take care of my customers. I have to admit, this really has me down:sad-little:.
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    I am sure you are a good person. Don't let a bunch of UPS mgmt persons tell you otherwise and remember it's not you personally, it's UPS vs Labor
    At the end of your career here, and well into your retirement this will just be a blip on the radar.:happy2:
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    Did the lawyers stand up and say you were a worthless no good son of a bitch or did they present actual incidents where you did not do the job or even refused to do the job as they told you to do it.
    Part of determining whether what they said had substanance is to listen to the evidence and see if you actually did those things as charged.
    if you did then you need to have a come to jesus meeting with yourself.
    the goodness of your soul has nothing to do with this trial. your actions are what brought you there.
    good luck on your journey. I wish you no ill will I do think you have to reconcile the events that took place and make sure you did the right thing.
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    Try to keep a few things in perspective;

    (a) The desk-jockeys and paper-wranglers who are on your ass could not possibly live up to the expectations that they are trying to place upon you. They do what they do because they cant do what you do.

    (b) They have to justify their jobs. You dont.

    (c) At the end of the day, you can look in the mirror and know that you busted your ass and gave 100% for your customers and your company. What to they get to look at in the mirror at the end of the day?

    (d) You dont have to screw people over for a living. The softest pillow you can possibly sleep on at night is a clean conscience.

    (e) You are the backbone of the company. They are warts on the sphincter.

    Once you can embrace these concepts, you can stop being angry at them.... and start feeling sorry for them.
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    I think both Tie and Sober present excellent points of view covering both sides of the issue. Tie is right in that the labor manager is not simply going to paint an unflattering picture of you based upon his vivid imagination. He doesn't know you from Adam but has formed an opinion of you based upon information in your employee file. Sober is right in that if at the end of the day you can look in the mirror and honestly say that you gave 100% to your customers and to the company.

    You would not be in this meeting by chance. Use this as a wake-up call. Good luck.
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    What a lovely way of putting things. You've got a great way with words, sober.

    This is not always the case, Upstate. Your mgmt team has the labor guys ear. They can tell him what ever they want, even stuff that's not in the record. I had our labor guy snarling at me before I even entered the room. He really got :censored2: when I spoke to him like he was just another one of the guys. You may be able to brow beat some of the guys, but I don't play that game. You're no better/higher than I am, is the way I feel about this fellow.

    I forgot to add that this will probably end up being emailed to this gentleman at some point, because I guess you're not allowed to state your honest opinion on the internet. Come and get me boys!
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    Well, it will be interesting to see where this thread goes.....

    Some people complain UPS management are biased and draw conclusions without reason. Its interesting that those same people do exactly what they complain about.

    I have no way of knowing if the original poster did anything to warrant discipline. There are absolutely no facts in the post. No one here knows the facts behind this, but many immediately use this as an opportunity to bash the company. They do exactly what they complain about....

    I will withold opinion waiting for facts. I will watch as many others do not.

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    Yes, The Stugged List.

    I've found that I'm on it too.
  9. Let me explain what led up to this point and it will take awhile. My center manager and I are like fire and ice/oil and water-we just don't mix. He is a major prick at the center, a smart ass, the kind of center manager who doesn't build people up but tears them down. He may be a good guy away from work, but I wouldn't know. He actually enjoys many of the same activities outside of work as I do such as traveling north, snowmobiling, jet skiing, fast cars etc. He's one of those people who thinks that the brand of toys that he owns are simply the best and the brands you own suck!! He likes Fords and Arctic Cats, so my Honda and Polaris suck!! My $23,000 BMW motorcycle is also a piece of crap and the Ducati I owned before that was the ugliest bike he'd ever seen. He seems to be very insecure as well and likes to throw 1 liners at you that he thinks are hilarious and i'm known for being quite witty with comebacks that make people laugh at him. Example-one morning he was in my face and his breath smelled like he'd eaten a **** sandwich for breakfast. I told him "No offense, but i'm gonna have to take a few steps back cause I can't take your breath, I think you have a rotting tooth and you should have your dentist check that out." I didn't mean to hurt his feelings, but I myself had just eaten breakfast and i'm sensitive to bad smells after I eat and I felt as if I was gonna hurl unless I put some distance between me and his breath. He is the exact opposite of our previous center manager who genuinely cared about us and would show it by asking us about our families well being and cooking breakfast and dinner for us from time to time on his grill!! The previous center manager was a mans man. He would make decisions on his own without asking his boss and then deal with the consequences later.

    Things turned real bad between my current center manager and I a couple years ago. My wife delivered a stillborn baby which led to a long and drawn out divorce. 2 months after the divorce was final, my very best friend of all time was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. I had also almost lossed my father twice in the same year. I had to miss quite a bit to deal with all of this stuff-court dates, hospital visits, funeral, etc. Many of you will, i'm sure, agree that UPS doesn't have much compassion for people and their personal lives and if you can't come to work and hump and dump them packages, they could care less about you and what you're going through. After my best friends death, I took some time off for stress, but I did NOT collect a dime of STD cause it was my problem to deal with and I didn't feel I deserved compensation. Shortly after I came back to work, I was called into the office to and issued a warning letter for my attendance. I asked him how he slept at night giving me this knowing what i'd been through. He said he slept just fine and he didn't give two ****s about my divorce and he didn't even care about my best friend dying, that he had a business to run and I needed to start coming to work. That's when I lossed all respect for him. A couple weeks later I signed up for an 8 hour request. The next morning I walked into talk with my dispatch sup. because my day looked as if they'd forgot to check the 8hour sign up sheet. I asked him if my 8hr had been denied and he said no, that is was approved and he agreed that he needed to remove quite a few stops. The center manager walks in and asks what we were doing and the dispatch sup told him that we were going over what area to pull off cause I had way to much work for my 8hr. He said no, leave the stops on his car, if he wants to get done, it's up to him. I was like hey, i'm just trying to keep you from putting out a fire later because I have to be done and I will punch out after 8 hours, so i'll call ya later. His answer was, when you call, the answer will be no help and if you bring back 1 stop I will fire you. I replied, well I guess i'm gonna get fired in the morning because I will bring back the work if I can't get it done, I've done it before and i'll do it again and I wasn't ever terminated for calling the bluff. He started screaming at me, so I said, hey if you're gonna scream, at least wait till my start time, and I started walking towards the exit door from the office. He jumped up and came over and pushed me up against the wall and grabbed my arm and got between me and the door. I told him to let go of my arm. He complied. I then went to the other office and called the cops and my BA at the union and told them I needed them to come over. I filed a greivance for harassment and him putting his hands on me. I guess it :censored2: him off royally that he had to answer to the cops, but he just lied and told them that he never touched me. I didn't have any witnesses since the dispatch sup had left the room after he had started screaming. At the local level hearing, he denied everything and since I couldn't prove he'd done it the only action that was taken was that him and I were not to be alone anywhere in the bldg. without a 3rd party. I lossed my cool and finally told him that if he had a stroke, I wouldn't call 911 and sometimes I wish he'd die on his way to work in an accident so I could jump for joy. I will admit that what I said wasn't right, but after his comments about my best friend, I let my emotions get the best of me. Nothing happened as a result. Quite a time passed after this and life went on. To be cont'd..........
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    Your manager sounds like a jerk. What was the discipline for? why the panel?

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    That is a perspective that can help some people get through the day and through life.

    Reminds me of McEnroe and the rants he always went on against the lines people and chair umpires. It helped him believe he was always right and got him pumped up. It worked for him.

    Like browndevil said - try not to take it personally, let it flow off your back, let it go
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    I think the answer sober gives is offensive. In the process whether intended or not he lumps you and me into that offensive discription. If you're going to agree with sober that you are a sphinctoid then at least do me the favor as a moderator here and do not copy the post so I don't have to read it.

    there is one individual in that guys world that sounds like he is a real idiot. Instead of sober directing his comments at that one idiot he directs it at all of us.

    If I had made similar comments here about sober my posts would either have been deleted or I would have recieved one of those special site reprimmands that stays with my profile forever. Or both.

    And you guys wonder why I put the idiot on ignore.
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    Damn ... I wish you could put me on ignore.
    I'm going to ask Cheryl to make an exception in this case. :wink2:
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    that would be awesome.
  15. A few months later, I myself, got into a motorcycle accident that put me out of work for 6 months. The list of injuries was long and physical therapy sucked, but I was told that I would be dealing with body aches and that my shoulder would never be the same. I explained to the company doctor that I would probably never be the worker I once was, but, thankfully, she released me and the company accepted me back knowing that I wasn't a 100% and never would be. I called my center manager and apologized for everything I had said on that morning(stroke and accident) and told him I couldn't help but feel that maybe my accident had happened because of what i'd wished upon him. He agreed that we both had said some things to each other that neither of us meant out of emotion. However, he still would NOT admit that he'd put his hands on me, nor would he admit that he said the things about my buddy dying. It bothered me that he wouldn't come clean with this, but I came back to work and did my route as best I could which was anywhere from a .5 hour over to 1.25 hours over as many of us drivers know is not that bad. Now the center manager was always on my ass about my performance. I reminded him that my route had never had good standards and that because of my accident, that i'm not the guy I used to be but I would try my best to improve and to prove the doctors wrong and am trying to exercise and build my muscles back to the point before the accident. I started to get back into shape and my performance was improving, but he wanted it fixed in a day and this just wasn't feasible. He continued to be on my case 3 times a week about my performance. I just started ignoring him.

    I started seeing him talking in dark spots of our center with a co-worker of mine, a co-worker who doesn't like me very much because she was an off the street hire who has like 1 week less full-time seniority than I, but 7 years less total seniority than I. She doesn't care for me because I have ignored her ever since she had an affair on her husband years ago with a well liked supervisor we had. The sup ended up getting canned for this but she kept her job, which we all felt wasn't fair, so nobody really likes her except for supervision and management. Her affair with this dispatch sup caused many problems for the rest of us in her loop because if she came in to work and had a rough day ahead of her, all she had to do was to go tell our dispatch sup(the one she was sleeping with) or start to literally cry with tears rolling down her face and the next thing you knew, 20 or 30 stops were coming off her car and onto yours!! Since she is not liked by her subordinates, she does everything and anything they ask of her and has become their pet. She is now the high seniority bid coverage person and if no route is available that she likes, supervision will create a route for her and fill it with gravy stops or if she wants to get done early during the work week, they will create a combination preload job, so she'll load trucks for 5 hours and then do safety committee stuff for 3 hours and then get out of work at noon. They won't do this for anyone else, just her. So I wasn't surprised to come in and see her loading my truck for a week. The problem didn't arise until she took something I had said and turned it around to sound dirty. I have a stop on my route at a pediatric dentist office. When they get a lot of those dental pkg's that are banded together it is frustrating to deliver there because you have to cart the packages around to the back of the bld'g, bring them up some concrete steps and go through a door that doesnt have a stop on it and once you get them inside, there's no room to put anything, and then on top of this you have to deal with the children screaming and crying. I like most drivers just make the best of a bad situation and provide service with a smile. I put some stuff here, some stuff there, and the developer under the x ray machine for the old ladies that work there. When I get in my truck to see what kind of day i'm gonna have, I always look to see how much I have for Dr. Pink's office(the pediactric dentist) and if I have a lot, I always say the same thing no matter who is loading the truck-"Oh great, looks like I have a lot for the old ladies at Pink's" Well she goes to the center manager and tells him that I said "I'd like to see if some of them ladies are still pink inside". Supposedly she asks him to talk with me, but she doesn't want me to get fired and she doesn't wanna file a complaint. The center manager persuaded her to file a complaint and while I was on vacation the following week, unbeknownst to me, an investigation was taking place. I received a call while on vacation by the center manager and told that I was terminated under Article 17 (i) for "other serious offenses". I was like what the hell? What the hell did I do? He told me it was for comments made to a fellow employee. They fired me without even asking for my side of the story, which didn't really surprise me because like I said earlier, she's there pet and she gets whatever she wants. They had asked the other 2 witnesses about her statement and they put in their statements that I had NOT said what she'd claimed and that her statement was fabricated from her imagination. So it came down to a he said she said situation. The weird part was that during the local level hearing, I finally was able to tell my side, but we didn't focus as much time on what had taken place with her that morning as much as we talked more about what had taken place between my center manager and I over time. It was probably a mistake, but by that time, I'd been out of work for a month, and just wanted to get back to work and put all this bs behind me so I agreed to sign a final warning that I would respect my co-workers, my management team, and work in the best interest of the company. To be cont'd........
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    Thanks for the break---this will give me time to go find and put on my hip waders as it is is getting pretty deep in here.
  17. You're welcome, but I didn't know they make waders that wide:happy-very::peaceful:
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    In case this UPS thing doesn't work out for you you have a hell of a future in fiction writing.

    BTW, 32" waist.

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    +1 for all posts up to 11. Tieguy, are you sure hes refering to you and hoaxster?
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    So far this center manager sounds like a complete turd.