What are the 10 shepherd hooks doing in the PE shop?????

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by PE Pro, Jul 1, 2010.

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    PE doesn't deal with sheperds hooks anymore!! The hub are supposed to order them on their own. Oh the lies or the incompetence. Well it seems the long awaited sheperds hooks have arrived. They came through PE and they were ordered through a PE mgr. I can now go back to the lady who started this all in the first place and give her the hook for some jams and further show her how imcompetent or dishonest we are in PE. You choose!:greedy:
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    What??? Who cares who orders the Shepherd Hooks. If I were the PE manager and my operations (hub and preload) needed them to break jams. I would order them and charge back the center. You probably didn't figure that did you? The hooks will reduce jams that could eliminate or reduce belt or motor breakdowns. Managers get paid to make those type of decisions and I would not hesitate to make a decision like that. Kudos to your manager!
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    What would Jesus do?
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    lol, pe poop could turn jaywalking into premeditated murder.
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    Can anybody find the pepro pepoop conspirocy thread that could shed some light on this topic.
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    I think the GOOD SHEPARD would forgive them and look the other way.
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    I am surprised you did not sub out the delivery of the hooks to the departments. Where I am, I cannot figure out for the life of me what P.E. does besides drive around on trams and park them by the guard shack when they go to lunch.
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    PE Pro sent me some Negative Rep stating that I was in "denial". He sounds like a kid and all of his and his other personality supports that conclusion.

    Wait, are we not supposed to see the similarities in the posts and style?

    Look at SWORDFISH and UPSSOCKS...LoL!~!
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    i stole them all, they make great 5th wheel pullers
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    The fan club has spoken. Perhaps there are a couple more members. Time will tell!:its_all_good:
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