What should I expect/what could of happened?

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    Hello. I am wondering if anyone in my situation before could tell me how they finally got their issue resolved, and what I can expect to deal with... maybe prepare me if needed.

    I placed an order on Amazon through a seller (Not Amazon directly), for an item on Dec. 15th and paid for shipping to get it here in time for Christmas. The total was over $300. After the package missed expected delivery dates of the 18th, 20th, and 23rd, I called UPS and asked them what was going on. She told me almost immediately the package seemed to be lost, and opened an investigation. She had me on hold, called the seller, and afterwards a tracer was placed on the package. I have not heard back from UPS since the 24th directly.

    I went down to a ups sorting facility however that is about 2 minutes away because they helped me before. The woman at the desk looked at the tracking stuff for a long time, and then told me there was no indication there was ever really a package in their possession. She told me they were ALL "logical" scans, and there was not one physical scan. She then got her boss to come out and explain it to me as well. He went over every tracking stop for me, and said they never had the package in their possession at all. He urged me to contact the seller/amazon that night, because they never had it.

    I contacted Amazon, and I had a lengthy chat with a rep that at first kept telling me that the manager way lying, UPS had no such scans, there is NO such thing and that it's ridiculous, my package has tracking information and UPS must of lost it after the 20th. I asked him why they would lie like that, and he said he had no idea. He then was getting really annoyed at this UPS manager I said I talked to, and said he wanted to report it to his supervisor. I said if that would help anything, to go ahead. I also told him I searched around a bit and "logical scans" really do seem to exist. His supervisor never heard of it, either. So his supervisor told the rep he could call UPS for me. After a few minutes, the rep came back and said very interesting, they corroborated what I was told by the manager, they were all logical scans. They never had the package in their possession.

    So amazon sent an e-mail to the seller, telling them to offer me a solution by the 27th. I didn't hear anything back today, so I called the seller myself and they said they hadn't checked their e-mail yet. I explained what UPS told me, and told Amazon. She hung up with me and called UPS, who for some reason would not talk with her, even though they were the seller? They wouldn't give her the information I had gotten. So she called me back, said "I'm pretty sure we sent that..." and "I'll look around", hung up with me again. Later I received a response through Amazon, saying that UPS was lying, there are no such things as Logical scans, they are all physical, forwarded me the UPS tracking FAQ (which yes, doesn't tell you about Logical scans). I got back in touch with Amazon after this, asked them to read my previous conversation, and they said they'd like to open a claim against the seller right away. So now I have an amazon a-to-z claim being investigated as well.

    The tracking # for my package is

    My main questions are this:
    How is there an Origin scan that is still only a Logical scan?
    12/17/20138:59 P.M.Origin Scan
    I thought an Origin scan must mean that they physically scanned the package. Why would scanning the package, even only logical scans, have started as soon as a tracking number was purchased? What if people don't ship things out right away?

    No one has heard of logical scans before. This isn't going to effect my claims, is it? Surely UPS will explain that they never touched the package?

    What is the more likely situation here? The seller owns a pawn shop, had nearly 7,000 reviews and a 4.8/5 rating. Did they really never send my package, or has UPS really messed something up? And if it WAS UPS that has messed up, that is between the seller and them, correct? I should still be refunded as soon as it's decided the package was lost, and I shouldn't have to be the one dealing with UPS for weeks afterwards?
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    And, here we go again.
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    Tracking Numbers first show up when they are printed on the label by the shipper. At that point, UPS does not have the package. The package might have never been picked up by a UPS driver, so it wouldn't show any scans as it moved from one location to another. There is always a small chance that the label was damaged or fell off and the package went to the Overgoods Department.

    Dispute the claim with the pawn shop and get your credit card refunded. Call your credit card company if that doesn't work. If any claim is paid, it will go to the pawn shop and not you.
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    Not the friendliest place right now for the "wheres my package" folks to walk into.
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    At the end of the day your discussion is with the seller, that's who UPS would or would not pay out any claims to. As long as the shipping was not billed to a UPS account number that you are responsible for, my next step would be to contact the credit card company that you paid for the item and dispute it.

    As for Logical scans, they do exist as you have found from the internet. They are like unicorns, you are not really supposed to know about them. A logical scan means that because X happened, in this case a trailer arrived, logically your package also arrived. They also explained physical scans, which is where we physically touch the package. Looking at the weight of the shipment, my guess is that it would have been placed into a bag with other smaller items, which would explain the different scans as we likely were scanning the bag itself.

    I cannot comment behind what was already explained to you, but my recommendation is 1. Do not include tracking information on a public message board, and 2. Contact your credit card company and let them worry about it at this point.
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    What he said.
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    Seriously, I wish the company would issue a press release on how work isn't getting done because drivers are running out of hours and the people we hired off the street aren't worth a damn.
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    What makes you think the public would care about any of that?
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    Thank you for the replies. I saw a few post here in the past that listed tracking numbers, so I didn't think that was a bad thing to do.

    I also came here more to try and confirm suspicions that the seller never really shipped my items. I use UPS all the time and have never, ever had an issue like this :) I realize this is a very stressful time of year, and I was hoping my package was just delayed in the beginning. But then I started being told the shipper never gave them a package at all. And I didn't understand how there was an Origin Scan if that was the case..I still don't!
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    Because I'm getting tired of people bitching to me like I've been driving around with their stuff all peak for :censored2:s and giggles. And acting like I've been screwing around all day and that's why I'm at their house at 830 asking for a signature instead of mine putting my kids to bed. I knew what I was getting into 7 years ago when I started driving but the lack I support from the company is really depressing.
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    The public, at least some of them dont care about any excuse. All they care about Is not having their package.
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    We are doing our best..... No comment
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    Any comment beyond the official statement released by the company would fall on deaf ears.

    Imagine you lost your power during an ice storm. Imagine the outage lasts for a week. Are you really going to care that the power company has been working rotating 12 hours shifts trying to get your power back on? All you want is for the lights and heat to come back on.
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    Being without heat, lights and running water is a little more to "deal with" than you not getting Johnny's newest video game for Christmas.

    Jesus is the reason for the season, not cheap crappy gifts
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    The majority of the public dont care about the statement released from the company. It fell on deaf ears as well. I dont think alot of people realize how commercial Christmas has become. We have talked to our 10 and 12 year old about providing gifts to a family that has nothing. Im not talking about talking elmo but everyday essentials. Back packs for kids for school, food, toiletries etc etc. Learn how to give.
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    I planned ahead after the first outage and installed a generator. Life goes on.