What do these icons mean??

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  1. While this will work, don't do it.

    If it turns out that the DIAD is set to Virtual OJS, then you could be fired for messing with the Diad. Just work honestly, and don't pay any attention to the supervisors who are watching your every move.
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    i just assumed it was linked to their personal tablets
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    DOT I assume =Dept of Transportaion

    DAC for trucking companies can be read about here...
    Everything CDL Drivers Need to Know about DAC Reports


    My guess it is a software upgrade to document unsafe driving....but just a guess. Perhaps your telematics info is automaticly linked to DOT speed limits etc and we will be seeing reports.

    Is the union aware of what this is?
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    XTR- Extra time til Respawn
    DoT - Damage over time
    DaC - Damage and Crits

    UPS: The mmorpg
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    Only time Ive had these Icons were when I had an hour and 15 min early start time for yearly compliance etc training.
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    Let’s ask @BigUnionGuy
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    pull the battery cover off and put it back on, or restart it.