what do you know about the diad IV ?

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    My center's preparing to get the new diad IV. What can my fellow upser's tell me about it since they've had it, all I keep hearing is how they can track your every move. I cover a lot of routes and I take my lunch when I want to and where I want to because I do what I want you see. I DO WHAT I WANT I SAY!!! Is there anything to worry about? I usually run under, smoking routes that reg drivers run an hour over on.....Thus my name, number one. Thanks:thumbup1:
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    Diad IV goes hand in hand with the pas system, if your center is not on pas you will be in for a suprise. The biggest complaint about Diad IV is the Alpha key which lets you shift between the numeric numbers and the letters(abc etc). This board has a different layout then Diad 3, the 0 thru 9 nmbrs are mixed with certain letters, hence the Alpha key which lets you chose between the two.
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    I was just reading my very first post and I may have come across a little brash. I apologize that's not number_one chest-thumping------or wasn't supposed to be. Its just these mgmt jerks making me callous. They take our time allwnce away, treat us like you wouldn't treat a dog at times, and wonder why their ERI sucks. Maybe Dr Phil can help.......or my wife.......wonder if she's still awake........Can you make phone calls from the diad IV????Do you get voice messages???? I hear voices right now.........your perception is your reality they tell me....:tongue_sm
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    Why are you worried about the new diad? After all, you`re Number One.
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    DIAD IV is GPS enabled. Unfortunately for the center we can't use it yet. There is no computer program to allow us to see where you are, there is "supposed" to be but not yet.

    Don't drop your DIAD IV. They are horribly fragile in comparison to DIAD III. I do all the equipment exchanges (broken DIADs) and the number one problem is this little plug from the battery to the circuit board. It wiggles out when dropped repeatedly. The first sign that this is happening is your poor OMS can not upload you DIAD at the end of the day because it can't make an electrical connection. If you really do a number on it the whole DIAD will shut off because you knocked the whole plug out. THen you are dead in the water and waiting for a new board. We have had a lot of probelms with the DIAD software locking up, signature pads freezing, and the confirmation beep not working (this really sucks when scanning bulk). And the stylus falls out pretty easily.

    There are two DIAD IV carriers, get the black plastic belt clip. It takes some getting used to but you'll love it eventually. Free hands and depending on your seatbelt you can leave it on your hip while driving instead of putting it in the rack. The other carrier is a big bulky stiff pouch. It pretty much sucks.
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    You complain about management taking allowances away calling them jerks yet you run for them and hurt your fellow Teamsters. I'm sure you are not doing the total and complete job but only an abbreviated version of it. Stop being a victim of UPS. Someday I hope you will learn, grasshopper.
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    Diad IV can track you, down to the building you're in (but not what floor you're on) but from what I understand they don't have it "on" all the time on all drivers. If you're suspected of going six miles off route for lunch, they'll track you. If you're completing 20 stops from one location (pre-recording so that you can take your lunch when you want as opposed to when you're supposed to) they'll track you as well.

    If you're smoking routes I pity your family -- in ten years or so you'll be laid up watching Springer re-runs hoping your disability checks don't run out before your knees/shoulders/back recovers from surgury or whatever. Or explaining why packages were stolen from your open bulkhead door/ truck was stolen and you don't have the keys / just how you broke your leg when your hand cart came flying out at you / I didn't see that kid, I was only trying to beat the route...

    And if you're number one, why is it you dress like a number two?
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    We were one of the test centers in the development of diad 4, they flipped the signature back upside down when we told them not to. Most customers that are right handed press the signature button with their left hand. here is another trick that some may know..if your board locks up press A,K X at the same time and the diad reboots without losing information . i dont recall but if you try to reboot it too many times, its 3, 4or 5 it will lose all information.As far as GPS, just do your job by the methods and you have nothing to worry about and always keep a little log to record your time and and special situations that happen throughout the day.its hard to remember anything at times that happened 3 or 4 weeks ago , but when you whip out that book and give your "explanation" when questioned , its usually dropped.
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    I know about the AKX trick to reboot DIAD 4, but are you sure it doesn't lose information? I lot of times I have to reboot mine when I clock in, but I sure wouldn't want to try it on the road if I wasn't sure about losing data. Another thing, everyone, ever since DIAD 1, there has been a way for the company to know exactly what time you scan a package, you are crazy to prerecord a section or whatever. Before PAS/EDD, we had a couple of "runners" who would prerecord their whole load and run all day. They would speed, skip lunch, run stop signs, leave car running with bulkhead door open, etc., etc., etc........
    They would get done an hour or two early, but they sure have slowed down the last couple of years as their bodies gave out. Use the methods!!!!!:bored:
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    megansman what are you doing home at 931, did you call in sick today? Did the kids need nursing?Bo lets take it outside
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    Why does EVERYONE ALWAYS ASSUME that when someone is able to do a job very well and probably better than you can, that they are always running and taking shortcuts. I have been driving for 16 years and I still can hang with a lot of the younger guys that come in. I do my job by the book, take my lunch, don;t run. If a route can be scratched I can do it. Does that mean that I am hurting anyone else? I used to be accused of that, I always said that I don;t have to make anyone look bad, You guys take care of that yourself.

    However with all this being said, number one IF you are doing all of these things just to make others look bad and are taking short cuts and running then you are a fool. But, if you are just doing your job and not doing these things then good for you. Keep up the good work!!!!
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    Does your center have DPS? If so GPS is fully enabled, no other program required.
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    The one I used the other day turned out to be pretty durable, I set it on top of the gauge box while looking at my map, forgot about it and drove off, made a hard right at about 15, flew directly out the door and onto the pavement bouncing a good 25 feet end over end. Nothing but a few scratches and dents.
    BTW, what exactly is DPS.
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    We are going to diad IV on monday and I was wondering how durable they are. I know diad III is pretty durable, I have droped, thrown, and kicked diad III and it keeps on working. The only thing I havent done to it yet is run it over with the truck.

    I have heard that diad IV uses bluetooth to download edd. They told us in a recent PCM that Bluetooth headsets were not allowed in the building anymore. Just wondering if this is true.
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    We got the district-wide email about no more blue tooth headsets when we went to DIAD IV and all the Business Development people whined and complaind but they did not get their way.
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    DPS Dispatch Planning System.

    I don't know what version of DPS you are using but ours does not track people in real time. I *think* you can pull stuff from the day before, but definitely not real time. DPS is for planning dispatch, the dispatch sups come in at 3 am and deal with what the reality of the preload is today and before they leave they make their plan for tomorrow with it, and then the machine sits idle for the rest of the day. Believe me if there was a GPS tracking system I would be all over it, not for anything sinister but to choose the people correct people to ask for help with PU's or stops.

    I went to a development meeting once for center of the future stuff and they were yapping about GPS being part of the DCS (DIAD Control System) which makes a lot more sense because the OMS sits in front of it all day.

    When ever drivers are suspected of screwing off we pull the SPARCS (don't know what that acronym means) and it goes stop by stop with the times at and in between each stop.
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    gman24 I do it by the book no runnig, bulkhead door closed key out of ignition, probabaly 2 other drivers in center do it really right, not passing judgement just the facts, thanks for the comment I do however walk across yards instead of marked paths i.e. sidewlks, d-ways...........heard so much talk (rumors) about diad 4 I was curious what my brethren knew-------------
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    DIAD 4 is annoying sometimes because of the alpha/numeric toggle key but overall I like it better than 3. The main points I like are the fact that we get belt clips that we can hook the diad too. It's small and easy to use. It's much better than wearing the big and bulky DIAD bag, or pouch. I also like the size and weight and how the DIAD is held in the truck. Recently we had ours updated and now we can see what time it is in the bottom right corner of just about all screens and also it says "ABC" there if you are in alpha mode. It helps because sometimes the light that normally lets you know that is not visible because of glare. I've heard complaints about the update. People have said that NDAs will show up as late if you put them in signature mode before 10:30 and then stop complete after 10:30. It hasn't happened here. So far the only changes we have seen is the clock and "ABC" in the bottom right corner.