What Happens Before PAS?

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    The rumor around our center is that we go go on PAS/EDD this comming October/September. What can we expect to happen in the months leading up to the system "going live" and will it affect full-time and part-time jobs in our center? The rumor mill is cranking at full speed and the major one is that after re-looping IE has decided to put in a couple more routes. Can any of you that have already gone on PAS/EDD tell me what to make of all this? What happened in your centers? I'm interested to know what others have seen happen leading up to the first day.

    Please no "PAS sucks" responses. I've already obsorbed all of the info on how much most people hate it and I hope all of it will have me mentally prepared for the reality of it when the time comes. I'm just interested in how it will affect jobs. In other words...more part-time AND full-time jobs?
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    Big arrow, we went on pas/edd last year. Less parttime jobs because they now think one person can load more trucks. But on the other hand they added a few new people to scan and correct labels. As far a drivers, we have more laid off because routes are cut and stops are added because of all the in car sort time that is saved. My route gained about 50 miles a day and I run the same amount of stops. We are a bonus ctr., some drivers gained bonus time and others lost. Its just a crap shoot, good luck you'll make it through.
  3. Re-looping will probably impact your route. You may gain or lose territory depending on how the new loops go. Make sure you spend time with the people doing the loop work to ensure that the area trace is correct for the entire loop. You have to look at the entire loop or you might not understand why the trace is set up the way it is. If you look at the entire loop you may also see some things that won't work well. You'll want to catch the problems prior to trying to run them. If the routes change significantly it may impact the bid routes and some re-bidding may go on after the implementation. Driver input is the key to making sure it's successful so it's well worth the time to make sure you understand the plan and have your input. I would be surprised if you added routes unless you're a center that typically runs a high percentage of drivers over 9.5 with little overallowed. If everyone works together it can be a positive experience.
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    same amount of jobs, just people doing different jobs. our center kept the same amout of drivers, some just don't drive as often. my route jumped an average of 40 stops a day. they push you to see what is the most you can do and then go from there. after a couple of over 9.5 grievance's they have had to cut back about 20 stops from what they would like for me to have. the system is great though, you can make a few changes in what they set up for you. knowing how many pkgs you have is the best as long as there all on your truck, you can waste a lot of time looking if there not
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    I think our center has 2 or 3 over 9.5s a day on average. It's usually the same guys. There is usually a day each week where there is a couple more than that over 9.5. Is that normal?

    I hope the rumors are true and they do add at least one more full-timer but at the same time it would just seem weird that a driver would be added at the same time as a new system that is supposed to reduce the need for additional employees. To add fuel to the speculation; one of our stewards has been telling people that are interested (supposedly) in becomming p/t cover drivers that they need to make sure they sign bid sheets so they can get in the next driver class. He seems to think that some of us current p/t cover drivers will be moving up soon.

    On a side note....the PAL label job sounds pretty cool. Maybe I could do that until I go full-time.
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    Th effect of relooping really is determined on if your on car sups actually value your input. My direct sup at the time was not interested at all and never inquired our thoughts on the matter and relooped our areas based on a map. We have multiple drivers delivering the same roads and even overlapping. Both a waste of time and money. If you and your work group can convince your sup that you can all get together and come up with a loop setup that will work for everyone it will be much more efficient than he could ever dream up.

    PAS is/can be a good system if utilized properly. It all depends on your managment team, sadly.
  7. Will this affect the combo workers that drive air after their first shift?
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    So true.

    They are in the process of re-looping. Unfortunately they no only aren't letting drivers have any say in anything, but are bringing "specialists" from another center to do it. IMO....huge waste of time. Most drivers are getting more miles, or are going over the same area too.

    When my center went on to PAS I was still a preloader. I know from my perspective, I hated it. They changed every preloader around, moving them to different pulls or jobs. I went from being on a pull that I knew forwards and backwards, to one where I had no clue where anything went. Then I had to wonder why some shelves would get blown out, while others were completely empty.
  9. [rant] yeah thats what they do with me, give me different pulls/cars and apparently 1100+ pieces on a 3 car pull is a good idea. Funny shoehorning that many into 3 cars doesn't seem too good of an idea to me. Though it wouldn't be so bad if it was evenly distributed...but one car gets up to 450, the next 350 the last around 300, all with big and bulky items. But they've left me alone for now so hopefully they don't go messing with my cars again. [/rant]

    Back on topic, PAS can work I think (though in its current form its not really "working" yet), I just don't think it'll be the answer to the problems they wished to fix (misloads, sorter errors, etc). The misloads are far worse under PAS than they ever were, sorter errors too because they also go by the PAL and its wrong for them just as often as it is for us seeing as we use the same label.

    As far as jobs go, they've cut back on drivers actually driving. The running joke in our center (and on here so I've seen) is that EDD means Eliminate Drivers Daily. Another is "Special EDD" when your dispatch makes absolutely no sense or there are things missing.

    On the preload side, they make you do more than you used to and want it done faster. They pretty much make up the wanted PPH as they go as it was 170 when I got here, then 180 when PAS started, now they want 210 (yes I know there is no contractual obligation to meet these marks). Yet the job is still the same as when I started. Also, now I have to take extra time to make sure the PAL is in fact correct...where as before PAS I just looked at the shipping label and tossed it in because I knew in my head that it went on that truck and exactly where it went, brilliant haha.

    PAS has dumbed down a job that really wasn't that hard to begin with. It IS much easier to learn for the new hires, but for the people who were set with their pull with the old alpha charts (that most of us had memorized), it was (and still is often times) a big headache.

    If you are a driver, try to give as much input as they allow. Be picky about everything on your route (making it work in trace I mean). You know how to run it better than anyone else as you've done it longer than the IE person who will be re-looping it. :wink:

    If you're a preloader...well you know no one listens to you anyways (we're just dumb PT hourlies apparently), so just get ready for the fun. :thumbup1:
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    "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with PAS, and with EDD, and with per-cent on trace, and with the beasts of the earth.

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    What the hell.........???

    Before PAAS, the Easter Eggs are white. :)
  13. you know I honestly shuddered when I realized that while I was in the grocery store last week...:lol:
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    PAS would work IF they let the drivers help setup the routes and IF they LISTEN to what the drivers said when they helped. We were asked our imput. We were told the more info you give, the better your route will be. I went in HUGE depth on how my route should run. How streets split (sequence range) etc..... Guess what? Took most of my imput and tossed it in the trash. When I got my initial reloop, I almost died laughing. Had my route running backwords, and had my resi's starting in an odd spot. When I asked why they did this, was because it would run all right hand turns and my last business stop would put me right into my resis. Here's the problem (which is why my route was run the way it was before PAS and why now it is STILL run that way after PAS), all my shelf 1,2, and 3 on their "PAS system" were all after 10am openings. So I had stuff on my first 3 shelves that I COULD NOT deliver until after I did shelves 4,5, and 6. LOL. Then the topper with my end of business/first of resi's. They had me starting on a street that didn't exist. They said "It's on the map, leads right into your first resi stop". Well, I informed them of this before they started the reloop, but this was a PROPOSED street about 30 years ago, but NEVER was put in. LOL. So they wanted me to barrel through a partial dirt road and trees to make my first resi stop everyday. They changed some of it, but not all of it.

    I've heard it said at our center that if they would've just refined each route we'd be alot better off. Problem is they literally relooped everything, and screwed up the center. We have about same amount of employees, if not more drivers now (maybe 1-2 extra a day). Then you have the stop counts, ouch. Have only seen maybe 1 day since August my stop count has been within 5 stops of being correct (normally a minimum 10 stops over what it says on computer, and normally 15-20 off a day). They want you to stay on trace. If I stay on trace I work an extra 45 minutes. If I go off trace, I get done.

    Now, onto your hours per day. LOL, you'll NEVER KNOW from day to day. Weird how it works. Have super bulky days where they pump me to an optimum 107 stops, but on light days they change optimum to 95 stops. Go figure, you think lighter would be more stops, not less. Changes so dramatically day to day, you just don't know how many hours you'll work.
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    So you guys ended up hiring more drivers or do you just have extra drivers because there are less routes?
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    Here's the MSDS Info for PAS.....................

    Toxicity and Health Effects
    PAS is a chemical that has been scientifically proven to induce penisfalloffatis in 5% of drivers after oral administration of 9 nanograms.
    Formal human studies on the toxicity of PAS have not been done. However, a recently released FDA report revealed that PAS developed incredibly large cellular fungal colonies after just one exposure. OSHA and the EPA have reported that this chemical is so likely to kill you that it makes Sarin look like Kool-Aid(tm).

    Both acute and chronic exposure to PAS results in enlargement of the Stop Count. Occupational exposure is particularly severe for UPS supervisors, who typically combine PAS with EDD for use as a personal lubricant.

    First Aid Procedures
    In case of contact with skin, flush the affected area liberally with Beer for 15 minutes. If victim's DIAD comes in contact with PAS, it is likely to enlarge in size and probably should be removed surgically; in either case this will still be larger than EDD's DIAD.
    Inhalation of PAS may cause diarrhea. If possible, remove victim to fresh air and administer Shiatsu massage until the victim either dies or signs a legal waiver freeing you from liability.

    Use of hand trucks with this chemical is generally recommended, however a study using this protection for PAS revealed that PAS can overwhelm even these protective measures.
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    Alrightee then....

    I was asking a driver friend of mine -recently retired- about some of the topics you all discuss here. (I was just an admin)

    He gets a kick out of

    united parcel service, DIAD, ups driver

    Anybody familiar with this site?
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    We actually had some excess drivers already (we normally have about 20% of our workforce out injured at all times anyways LOL). But we were about to put a few new drivers on, but had a few come back off long term injury and helped that. We've actually added 2 new drivers since PAS (which was Aug 06'). So not bad, since we haven't grown that much. But it's not adding drivers in a good way. Some routes LITERALLY are running in circles all day. LOL
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    Pas-over changed all that.
    An egg,
    by any other name,
    still cracks
    the same.
    Sorry aabout the pun.
    I just could not resist.
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    We have the same amount of drivers with PAS. More PTmers. Driver input is key for PAS and the better you set it up the easier for everyone. Also needs tweaking as you see what works and what doesn`t. The new time study cut 15 minutes off my route but looks like 40 on paper. Doesn`t matter to me cause I still do my job like I have been. Used to run under 85% of the time, now I haven`t scratched in over a year! I run about 15 to 30 minutes over every day not counting the weather factor.