What has Carol done to earn her 27 and a half million dollar salary last year?


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To be fair it’s not like she gets a 27 million dollar paycheck every year. Only a measly 2.7 million is actual cash. She’s just above the poverty line.

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Personally, I think she provided more value to the company during her short stint as a loader.

Wait until the Board sees this thread. They’re gonna up her package to $30 million just to piss you off while they can still blame it on inflation.


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it's all about keeping the shareholders happy.

she doesnt give a bleep about you people.

Strike!!!!!! but wait until i get my popcorn.....


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She got a higher bonus because she started you later in the day and you skip your breaks and work through your lunch good job helping her to make more money guys.


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Sleeper guys can wear pajamas while they drive now...
Contractors on our yard have been a common sight year round for a few years now. One weekend I caught what I thought was a contractor fueling up at one of our diesel pumps. Green tractor and in street clothes. I was making my way up to him to give him an earful and let him know he would be banned from pulling loads for us ever again for stealing fuel when I noticed it was a rental Penske tractor with a black UPS temporary placard on it. I still went up to him thinking he would find it funny that I thought he was a contractor and not one of our sleeper teams and he got a good chuckle out of it. Ended up shooting the breeze with him for a few minutes and found out he was domiciled out of Chicago. Nice man.
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Carol has made a lot of smart moves that kept us afloat last peak, improved quality of life for management, and generally make sense for the company

She would not have been my dream pick, but the ops management of this company is so retarded I'm not sure an insider would have worked as our culture currently exists


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Like seriously what were the options?
  • A union buddy: RIP any profits, total stagnation and uncompetitiveness, eventual buyout from Amazon
  • A "get-er-done" ops guy: zero new buildings, stupid decisions, squeeze the orange even harder and kick the can for 5-10 more years
  • Woke outsider: welp, at least we can work from home while we decide what pronouns to use


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Carol has made a lot of smart moves that kept us afloat last peak, improved quality of life for management, and generally make sense for the company
All I can see is that she has done different is cut off our biggest shippers during peak, cut the salaried workforce nationwide, let drivers have long hair, beards and tats, and let supervisors in hubs wear jeans (hubs which are disgusting and slacks never made sense anyway). Things could certainly be different on the supervisors side.

She could have done absolutely nothing different from Abney and COVID would have guaranteed her record results and record volume anyway.