What have you seen people lose their jobs for? How to avoid being fired.

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  1. browncownow

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    At our center on Friday 9/3 we had two veteran employees discharged for Unfit for Duty/Positive Drug Test. In my 16 years at UPS, I have received only one discharge letter (for an intersection accident), but UPS did not pursue that discharge.
    We have had another driver fired for positive drug test, two drivers fired for time theft (both cases very egregious), one driver fired for chronic tardies, one preloader fired for chronic absences and one preload supe fired for drug use.

    The center manager we have now is VERY fast on the trigger with threats of "I will fire you for that". He threatened me yesterday with discharge for taking my lunch too late because I had started at 4:45 AM (as a full time clerk) and they sent me out to deliver NDAs due to a staffing crisis. When they sent me out, I asked "What about my lunch?". They said "You can change it later. We just need you to get started", but when it came down to filling out the timecard it was all on me and I have this threat of discharge now.

    They said that I should have taken my lunch at the correct time (which I now see as true), but at the time I was being handed the keys to that truck they were sure pressuring me to get started right then and they were talking about me "taking (my) lunch later". It was a trap, I see that now. I should have taken a 30 minute lunch before heading out. Of course, then I would probably be writing this post about getting fired for late NDAs.

    The reason I am starting this thread is I would like all of us to keep our jobs. I don't know if it is because UPS is a publicly traded company or because of the current state of the economy, but UPS seems to want to fire most or all of its employees. Does the Center Manager in your building threaten to fire people daily? What have you seen UPSers actually lose their jobs for?
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  2. iamupser

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    I've seen drivers fired for having air brakes lock up and it flat spotted the tires, and they called it an un-reported accident (even though he did report it to the auto shop), reprimands for not turning in DVIR slip. On the other hand I've seen a driver have 3 accidents within less than a year (1 in an intersection), and never missed a day.

    Rules are applied center by center, employee by employee from what I've seen.
  3. browncownow

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    Also in an adjacent center we had a driver fired for being found "off his route" (and inside a package car with his female coworker), another driver test positive for marijuana, a driver videotaped/fired for parking his package car most lunch hours with a view of a pool and then going inside and closing the bulk head door (with a peephole), a driver fired for driving way off his route every day to take lunch at his house and a full time supervisor fired for theft of packages. Also we had a driver fired for upgrading his girlfiend's package from Ground to NDA back when we had the red tracking number stickers.
  4. bbsam

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    If you think again about it, do you really want everyone to keep their job if these issues are found to be supported by evidence?
  5. browncownow

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    I think that all the issues above, with the possible exception of the air brake issue, are solid grounds for termination.

    And now I remember that we had yet another guy who injured somebody with his package car and then tested positive for marijuana.

    It's just that when my Center Manager is threatening to fire people every day, I can't help but wonder if any UPS employee anywhere has ever been fired for something other than drugs, poor attendance, unreported accidents or theft.

    Like I said in another thread, I try my very best to do things 100% correctly 100% of the time without wasting a single second. Even so, I end up in the office several times per year threatening to be fired for, as in other examples, following my trace less than 80% of the time or delivering misroutes without calling them in (4 mile round trip).
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We just had a driver in my center fired for her 2nd Tier 3 accident in a year. She has also had 12 injuries during her career. UPS and the Union made a deal in which she was brought back as an Art 22 employee.

    It sounds as though your center manager is simply trying to get a handle on an obviously out of control situation. 8 employees fired for drug use?? Sounds more like Animal House.
  7. browncownow

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    "It sounds as though your center manager is simply trying to get a handle on an obviously out of control situation. 8 employees fired for drug use?? Sounds more like Animal House." :

    This is in NorCal and we are cursed with a lot of growers and Cannabis Clubs and stoners. The pounds of pot going through our center are another ugly issue which I addressed in the first post I ever made.

    I don't want to bring that up, but I will just say that I do not search for marijuana in packages. I am happy with my hourly rate and do not attempt to pad my...'er...(ahem)...salary by ripping off drug dealers. 'Nuff said there. I want to improve my relationship with management and not put another target on my back.
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  8. Loufan

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    When I first got hired on I saw a person get fired for stealing on another belt. All the big time management people were waiting around our belt for break, then when the buzzer went off i guess they walked him out. I saw a person get fired for having a low PPH, I've seen a person fired for attendance. I've seen a person get fired for attendance (got job back) then a couple years later got fired again for rolling a 40 pound tire down a chute where it bounced and hit someone. (got job back again)
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I found out a lot time ago that it is best not to worry about what is in the boxes. The only time I do is when I am making a pickup and I can hear what sounds like wine bottles. I will then open and inspect the package. Beyond that, unless it is poorly packed or otherwise not ready for transport, I pick them up and bring them back to the center without a second thought as to what's in them.
  10. moreluck

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    Long ago in a land far away, driver filling his personal vehicle from the gas pump in the yard. Buh bye!
  11. DS

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    Mostly people getting fired for theft.These folks are just morons and deserve what they get .
    What bothers me is when the new center manager decides he doesn't like you and will go to the end of the earth to make your life miserable until you make a mistake.
    Too bad UPS don't have some kind of system in place,to weed these guys out because they are almost as bad as the thieves.
  12. UPSBluRdg03

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    Driver stole a dog toy out of a customers yard. Customer called in and mgmt checked his backpack when he got in sure nuff there it was, SEE YA! Back a couple peaks ago there was a driver in my center who had a customer give him a jar of shine. Apparently he just decided to sit down with the customer and start drinking it. Sup goes out to meet him and see why he is so behind smells the alcohol and he gets canned. He actually got his job back but was fired again last peak because he didnt complete his treatment program.
  13. browncownow

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    Well, I guess we found my problem.
    I guess I will have to go the next 13 years without making a mistake.
    Oh, and stay on good terms with the Teamster Business Agent.
  14. Dragon

    Dragon Package Center Manager

    Like I said in another thread, I try my very best to do things 100% correctly 100% of the time without wasting a single second. Even so, I end up in the office several times per year threatening to be fired for, as in other examples, following my trace less than 80% of the time or delivering misroutes without calling them in (4 mile round trip).

    Like I said on another thread, if he has fixed everything else and he is "working" on these items, have him give me a call so he can tell me how he fixed what really matters.
  15. iamupser

    iamupser I'm Institutionized

    Ours only last a couple of years, sometimes months (revolving center manager door).
  16. brown67

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    Seen more supervisors fired than drivers. Lying about numbers. One driver for stealing boxes of ipods. One for having his brother ship him drugs to his house. He lived on his route. One driver for late nxda. Repeated over and over. We told him many times not to deliver any grounds before 10:30, but he wouldn't listen.
  17. hdkappler

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    don't the c.m.ever worry about the drivers they fire ever getting revenge?
  18. Jones

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    Had a driver with 27 years get fired for stealing a cell phone that cost less than he made in a week. This was a guy who came to work every day, did his job and never got in any trouble, one of those "under the radar" types. I've seen quite a few firings for a lot of the usual stuff that has already been mentioned, but this is one that just made no sense to me.
  19. browniehound

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    Dragon, I'm with you. I try to do things right 100% of the time because we have nothing else. There are no rewards or bonuses for doing a great job like other proffesions. All we have is out packages and package cars. I almost make a game out of it to get entertained and focused because it gets boring, so I see how long I can go without breaking any method rules.

    Although its just packages, I take pride in the job and doing it the right way.

    The only people I've seen fired permantly was for theft, with everyone else getting their jobs back for every violation under the sun. A few years back we had a driver bring his truck back at 11 AM and leave it outside the center manager's office and walked out. He eventually got his job back but it was a long process that had him sweating bullets. He had to go in front of the panel and they were harsh (as they should be) with him.

    I've actually had commercial customers offer me a beer. When i declined they said its just a beer and 'Greg' used to have one with us. As good as the cold beer looked on this particular 95 degree day I had to refuse and explain that I don't want it to even look like I was drinking a beer. And, I certainly don't want anyone telling another driver or sup. "Its only a beer and Browniehound used to have one with us". Yes its a harmless beer but its against the UPS policy and my job and life is not worth a few sips of a cold bud.

    You have to bet you're axx I had one as soon as I got home that night!

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    positive drug test & forget about it. loser at panel everytime. putting your miles in wrong making you have more miles. buh bye! unexcused leave of absense, i hear feeder guys get canned for sleeping.

    But our center manager doesnt threaten us dailey with discharge. I dont think UPS tries to fire people for no reason. Its pretty simple, do what u are told, dont try and screw them and you'll be ok. I dont know why he would put it on you with the lunch issue. Always put it back on management. "You want me to leave now?" ok." I should take my lunch now, are you directing me to take it later?" I'm not a clerk so I don't know your lunch rules, but whats the point sending you out with NDAs after your lunch and them being late. They get paid to make decisions, not me.