What is a load?

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  1. lotmNJ335

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    I just started as a loader, and i always hear the sups talking about things like "we have 29 loads today" but idk what that means.
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    Be nice boys
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  3. burrheadd

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  4. Trailers ....
  5. Yeet

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    Means they have 29 trailers to unload.
  6. clean hairy

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    Based on the subject line, whatever management expects from you is a "load" of smelly stuff!
  7. PeakMode

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    Trailers to be unloaded. If you are in a preload you might hear 29 n 7 today. 29 trailers with 7 of the trailers being longer than than 25 ft.
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    This thread got sanitized...
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  12. eats packages

    eats packages Why won't the door close?

    "29 loads" is a very very rough estimate of what the volume will look like and how much labor is needed.
    It varies so much everyday that UPS computer jockeys won't know how much labor is really needed. The silver lining is that our increased amazon volume means that we go through trailers faster and easier than last month. Type of volume matters and you want a good mix of boxes/bags and preferably only a couple irregs per car.