What is "DA" on a bid sheet?

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    It's probably some sort of clerical classification, perhaps maybe decap, but I would like an exact clafirication from someone in the know. Data assimilation? lol Hopefully someone knows! Please no wild guesses, ahem, Drewed. thanks!
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    That stands for Da bid sheet ---like Da Bears
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    Maybe Dumb A s s? :surprised:
    I'm sorry, that wasn't nice.:laughing: (bad chev)

    What was the bid for?
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    [FONT=&quot]Data Acquisition...looing up addresses that will not populate with the SPA due to a lack of information and/or incomplete/incorrect data (bad zips, etc).

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    Thank you!

    So, may I pick your brain some more BURMDSupe?

    Is this job filtering a database queue, correcting bad or missing information prior to the hub or center recieving them? So a greater percentage of packages entering the hub can be SPA'd without fail?

    Or is this DECAP - the physical process of scanning a package, making the appropriate changes if a blank or iECS label etc is spit, and letting it fly?
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    Oh and lastly, is there a difference between DECAP and Data Acquisition or are they one in the same, or is DECAP simply a subset of the role of a DA bid?
  9. BURMDPsupe

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    I can only speak about my building, but DA is really Data Capture (and correction) and we used the terms interchangeably. This is a job that is performed by hourly employees. When I was on preload, the DA/DECAP job was also up for bids (only Article 22.3s though).

    Filtering the database or “scrubbing” the data was usually performed by the part-time dispatch supervisors.

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    THank you for the quick response. I asked the same questions to my supervisor team and they basically lied to me, or evaded the questions, to keep me quiet. Not surprising, but they have to do what they have to do for their Buddy list employees apparently. Hopefully that will be ending soon.

    Thank you again!
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    If you ever have a spa come out with NIS, then the DA people take care of it enter it in the system and makes sure that they get loaded in the right package car.
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    Yes. The problem is, it's better known as DECAP. Management is making deals with an employee to do SPA while I do DECAP, and their bid is DA aka DECAP. That person does SPA so managers can work in a secluded area along side them and the person won't file a grievance. Also because now DECAP includes sorting a boxline to cages , so it's physical (although it's not intended to be). therefore the person doesn't want their bid- Dealmaking at it's finest.

    I just wanted to know the bottom line facts of what DA encapsulated before I persused this further.

    And if those people in question are reading - I'm coming for ya. And also, expect the PPH to slowly decline due to health issues. ;p