What is the temperature set at in your building?

Discussion in 'Health and Medical Topics' started by A Watchful Eye, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. A Watchful Eye

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    I've worked on the preload now for 5 years, this year the building temperature is set at 40 degrees....yes, 40 degrees inside of a warehouse. Since I've been employed there, the temperature has never dropped below 60 degrees. Our line steward contacted OSHA with an informal complaint about the temperature setting in our facility, he was notified that his complaint was put on the backburner due to someone else already having put down a formal complaint. It turns out OSHA followed up on the complaint and has now told our building that they have 90 days to turn up the temperature inside. By then, it will already be spring time and warm inside again....just curious to see if any other UPS buildings around the country have had similiar problems. Thanks!
  2. dannyboy

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    you dont catch enough as i, so now you want even more?

    and you know this how?

  3. A Watchful Eye

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    i know this, because i talk to my union steward? and because its been an ongoing problem with our day-to-day operations that its been talked about constantly. this information came directly from his mouth, but please tell me otherwise.

    whats with the attitude?
  4. dannyboy

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    no attitude, interesting choice of name though, considering.

    so osha has been in contact with your shop steward? that is a bit odd.

    i would be very interested to actually see the recomendations that osha sent your center ops. it might assist in a lot of different areas, not just yours

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    Dear A Watchful Eye,
    There have been several postings about this issue. Please see the blogs and in particular, the January 22, 2010 thread. I see that you joined today. Welome to the Brown Cafe community.
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    Headed to the air wall now this video says it all !
  7. tieguy

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    Did your shop steward file the complaint? How did Osha communicate this with him. Why did Osha communicate this with him?
  8. dannyboy

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    tie, thats what i wanted to know, as this venue of communication is most unusual.

    come on watchful i, we are really interested, as this is very interesting. and like i said, i would gladly pay for a copy of the osha forms to ups.

  9. proudupstexan

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    We don't have a/c or heat in our building just fans that hardly blow air! Would be nice to have a temp set at our hub, when it's hot it's hot and when it's cold it's cold
  10. dannyboy

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    i gota good friend in texas. thats one of his complaints. includin his wife. he's out liverpool way.

  11. tieguy

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    It is and would be somewhat unusual for a government to provide a steward this type of information.

    I'm also intrigued by the 90 day order. That would seem to indicate a finding of fault and a fine. why give ups 90 days to make a simple thermostat adjustment?
  12. dannyboy

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    i noticed that too, but since it is not something that involves life or injury......

    there are a lot of unanswered questions, questions i would love the answer to.

  13. Cementups

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    I don't work inside my building so I don't even care about the temperature there.
  14. Leftinbuilding

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    I suspect the steward got tired of being under the "Watchful Eye" so he told him OSHA had spoken. In our bldg the heat was either on or off. There was no "thermostat". LOL
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    I thInk Its In the mId sIxtIes. It mIght be hIgher. I wIll InvestIgate thIs Issue In Its entIrety. ThIs Is an Issue of Immense Importance. I apprecIate your InsIght In brIngIng thIs to our attenIon.
  16. hurricanegunner

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    In 90 days, you may not want the heat turned up.
  17. SoyFish

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    I've just come to the decision that being as I'm a loader...& it's basically like working outside...I'm done worrying about how cold it is during the wintertime lol
  18. faded jeans

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    Don't have a building, so conditions vary between hot, freezing, wet, and sometimes pleasant.
  19. tieguy

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    There is such a beaurocratic delay in getting pe to fix these things that I find the air conditioning does not get fix until winter time and the heat until summer.....:)
  20. SignificantOwner

    SignificantOwner A Package Center Manager

    You're just like the people that made the decisionn to keep our building at 45 degrees (which means that it's 45 degrees max., and usually lower). I wouldn't have a problem keeping the building at 45 degrees if the people making the decisions (our leaders) shared the pain and lowered the temperatures in their offices as well. Our "leaders" aren't leading by example and I have a problem with that - especially since they lecture us to lead by example all the time.