What kind of raises are current part timers rumored to get next contract?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by rudy5150, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. rudy5150

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    I hear alot of talk about 15 for new hires but what about the current part timers?
  2. Box Ox

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    Whatever it is, it’ll probably be pretty good if the Company wants to try to get PTers to vote for a contract that includes 2-tiered driver pay.
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  3. An extra car to load no doubt.
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  5. WorkingAsDirected

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    Benefits, Perks, a green cookie on St Patricks day. It didn't use to be this way rudy... it didn't use to be this way at all.
  6. SweatPit

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    Well current part-timers are already getting screwed at our hub. $120 a week bonus is still in affect almost a year after it was implemented. I am seeing flocks of new hires every day during day sort doing the tour. I would take advantage of that bonus too if I was a new hire. That equates to around $15 an hour.

    But it is screwing workers who have been with the company say 2-5 years that are essentially making less what the new hires are getting with their bonus for just showing up to work on time. That bonus should be given to all employees. Union is letting it drag out and is not doing anything about it. I could see getting that bonus for the first 90 days or so. Its almost a year since it was implemented and these "new hires" are STILL getting this bonus after being with the company for almost a year!

    I have talked to numerous part-time employees that get that bonus and will leave UPS if they don't get that bonus anymore.

    If new hires get a bump to around $14-$15 and hour that bump should apply to ALL part time employees. But it probably won't. Only time will tell. I hope for the best.
  7. Days

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    Most new hires can't seem to do the job either. Majority of the work lands on part timers that have been with the company long enough. I'm trying to be nice, but this contract better make sure that part timers that have put in the time and have experience should be making more money than new hires.