What part of Telematics is this?

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    In addition to the usual rectangular box glued to the ceiling of my package car, several weeks ago, someone installed a new device to go along with it. I noticed it because of the crude way the wire was run from the rear of the truck to under the dash and into the telematics box. I asked a mechanic what it was and he had never seen one so I'm sure it was a member of management who rigged it in place. They tried to glue it to the roof beside the other box, but the glue didn't stick and I found it hanging. I went ahead and taped it up against the roof so they wouldn't accuse me of "tampering", and I guess it's been recording something ever since. Anyway, it's the only one I have seen in any of the trucks and I'm wondering what it is and what it's recording. Anyone else seen one of these?
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    It could be a mirror so you can check your hair or see if you have dirt on your face (alot of customers won't tell you) or maybe it is a direct feed to America's Funniest Home Video studios.

    We do not have the teli here yet. Can u post more pictures of what the hardware is or PM me with them. Thanks
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    i guessing that you might have a camera in your truck and that is the hard drive to store the video

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    If I knew their was a camera in my truck I would find the lense and cover it w/ dirt. Im not going to be recorded. I have nothing to hide but I still dont want to be recorded.
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    It's not a hard drive, it's too light. Besides, a hard drive wouldn't have to be mounted to the ceiling, it could be hidden under the dash.
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    Why don't you just ask them what it is?
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    GPS Antenna
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    That would take away all of the drama.
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    It's a miniature thermonuclear device. Some day when you least expect it..................
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    Do you want to play ???
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    Roach motel?
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    The backing part of telematics is based on your back up lights. If you have wiring running from the back of your truck I would say that this is the reason.
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    i have been installing telematics in the cars in our center and i have never seen that. the normal box glued to the roof already has 2 antenna wires going to it, gps and radio. so i wouldnt think its a gps box. there are a ton of unused plugs and wires coming from the telematics box though
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    its for the show Undercover boss check out your next helper See you on TV