What the HECK with "soft Layoffs"

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by TRUCKER298, Apr 30, 2010.

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    Where in the contract is this?????:angry:

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    It is not in the contract. Soft layoff is an Overnite term. Remember who is running this train wreck called the 'UPS Freight Train'. The term means that you sit at home, by the phone, wait for THE GREAT UPSF to call and offer you work. UPSF gets really P.O. if you go to work for FedEx Ground as a contract driver for one of their owner operators. Just show up on UPS property, with a FedEx uniform on, and say hello to its UPSF management team. Be sure and not sign up for unemployment insurance because that would raise their premium for unemployment insurance. You are laid either off or not according to most State unemployment insurance providers. Get your unemployment insurance weekly checks-you have earned them.
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    UPS has had a term they have used for decades..."on call". I suggest you deal with it because it will not go away.
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    First of all let me say that I am a road driver so please remember that this is coming from a road drivers point of view. There are several things that need to be fixed with this particular problem. First is the fact that we have EXTRA board drivers with no set start time or set run that they perform. These particular drivers if they are in the 90% are guaranteed 8hrs a day and 40hrs a week. The bottom 10% are not. Where the biggest problem comes in is this BS in the contract about AD HOC drivers. There is nothing that says how many they can have and there is absolutely nothing that protects these individuals from getting screwed every single day. This needs to be fixed NOW!!!!:angry:

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    Soft layoff is a Latent Overnite Operational Psychosis term. There is no such thing in The Contract and your State unemployment office uses the term laid off and nothing in between.

    A friend of mine, who is directly above me on the Road board, is laid off. He went out, bought a tractor, and leased it to a large box store chain. He did not quit UPSF and they cannot fire, dismiss or fail to call him for work according to The Contract. He was coming into town from a run for this other company and the UPSF dispatcher called him and wanted to know if he was available for a 500-mile turn run. He said yes, went to the service center, parked his tractor, walked onto the property with his other company uniform on, went into the locker room and changed into his UPSF uniform, clocked on and did the turn run.

    More power to him and it did not affect me. This is his right and we have even discussed him hiring me to drive his tractor occasionally pulling loads for the other company while he works for UPSF. I work for FedEx Ground contractors on call and have shown up wearing a FedEx Ground uniform at my UPSF service center also. UPS cannot do anything about it.

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    Until THE UNION and THE COMPANY install a western wheel or wheel extra board there will be little employee retention. There is a reason why THE UNION calls it a hog board. If seniority equaled stupidity, these HOGS would not understand that a UNION is only as strong as its membership numbers.
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    That may, indeed, be true. That UPSF cannot do anything if he, you or anybody is wearing a different uniform, shirt, hat or anything that is from a competitor. BUT, the DOT can surely do something about your Hours of Service. Take a look again and take note that the DOT requires you to log ALL the hours you drive, work or are on the clock for any and all companies for the day.
    If he or you or anybody have completed a run of, say, nine hours for one company, you cannot legally complete a run of 500 miles for another company in the same time period. You have to have ten hours off, not matter WHO you drive for. It all has to be logged as one as far as the DOT is concerned.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.