What to do about Business agent out-to-lunch?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by The Range, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. The Range

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    Local 170, our business agent appears to not exist. Our representation has long been a joke, with a complete lack of seniority acknowledgement in our building. No preferred jobs, supervisors calling emergency staffing as they please, and on and on. Here is the kicker: All I want is a union contract.

    Our steward had a handful to pass out many moons ago. Since, I have gone to our union hall every month only wanting an updated UPS/teamsters contract. Every month I am given a shrug, and no answer as to why they are not receiving additional stock, with no answer as to when they will remove heads from sphincter.

    Our business agent does not exist in the real sense. No one can get in contact with him. I have left many voice mails, as have others, asking for common courtesy in returning my call, and I have never heard a peep. There is a real problem here. So I ask, what can be done? I have contacted the national and was told to write a letter detailing the problem. Everyone here is fed up, so getting a few dozen letters will be easy. I do believe our BA is a figment of our locals imagination, conjured up by UPS personnel.

    I am thoroughly confused.. why can't someone above our BA tell him to pick his goddamn phone up. Better yet, why is he not in jail? He should be! Rather disgusting to have our dues money taken when this man is nearing retirement and is clearly OUT TO LUNCH! Fired, no pension, do not pass go, goodnight sweet prince. I thought the BA worked for the membership? How can we grieve WHEN WE DON'T HAVE CONTRACTS? Unravel that paradox if you can.

    Can anyone in New England send me a "new" contract? I will cover shipping + $10 out of pocket for your troubles. A pretty sad state of affairs...

    To the local 170 BA, you're pondfiller and you must..

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  2. Gumby

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    Do you go to ant union meetings? Now may be a good time to start.
  3. The Range

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    Can a union meeting take place when the local is a phantasm?
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  4. greengrenades

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    I feel your pain. Our BA we had for years was the same way. I made sure when the day came to vote, I voted for every person who was opposing, and everyone else did the same. However when we got our new BA he was fired, now we don't have one. The Yellow BA is standing in, I couldn't even tell you who it is. And I'm sure he doesn't give a damn about us. It's funny how when these guys are running they are all over the parking lot shaking our hands but as soon as they win they are no where to be found. Next go around I'm going to give them the bird.
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    Send your ltrs to the IBT certified and send one signed by all the disgruntled members certified to the local ATTN: Mr X, BA. And get everyone to go to the next meeting and let him/them have it in front of the rest of the members nonviolently and without "breaching the peace" _(screaming).

    Then vote him/them out.
  6. Mugarolla

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    I would make a meeting with the president of the local and ask him why. Next would be filing a complaint with the IBT. After that and as a last resort, file labor charges with the DOL.

    If the first 2 get you nowhere, the third option will open some eyes and get the ball moving.
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    You can get the contract on teamster.org
  8. The Range

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    I would like a hard copy.
  9. Inthegame

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    Local 170's next mtg is Sunday Feb 1 at 10AM. I'd bet they'll have a few books there.
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    Can you go out to lunch with him?
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    From what I hear ants aren't unionized. Must be why they work so tirelessly.
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    New phone. Haven't mastered the touch screen yet.lol
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    Is it your first smart phone?
  14. 10 point

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    March in rank n file and they're not union?
    They must work tirelessly because a woman rules over them.
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    First one with a touch screen.
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    Fat fingers?
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    Guess you can say,I have a chubby.
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    Now you've taken it to the next level.