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    New here and 1st post. I am a 12yr emplyee, been driving for the last 3. We recently bid routes and I got the worst one. I don't mind that, seniority is earned. But a 20 yr veteren took a route and he sucks. This route is all rural routes. It has gone out with 100 stops since I have been there. He gets to go out with around 70. He doesnt get in til 11pm sometimes. When he sucks, I have to either go get his pick ups or somebodys while they do his. What kind of a grieveance can I file.
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    Welcome to the BC
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    I really don't think you can file a grievance on this I may be wrong though.
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    Unless you can cite a specific clause in the Contract that the Company is violating, I'm afraid all you can do is . . .
    [all together now]
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    If you are working over 9.5hrs for 3 days or more in the week, you could file on that, Otherwise, you're SOL.
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    It is up to the center team, not you, to work with that driver so that he is not relying on others for help on a daily basis. You can express your displeasure to the team but other than that you should:

    (one more time)


    (sounds like a country song)
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    I'll call Willie and suggest it, I bet he can come up with a hit.
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    It seems every center has at least one of these slackers, but make sure you are taking your lunch and breaks as you should. Dont be a runner gunner. It only gets you more work. Then as suggested in another thread, file a grievance on that.
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    Just say no to help.
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    Is it Everywhere or just here in N.C., If your a sorry #$@ they take care of you, if your a worker and get it done you have to help the sorry one's!! It pays to be a sorry $#@ in NC....Jus my thoughts
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    There seems to be a confusion between a "sucky driver" and a driver that performs the job by the methods. It's the runners and gunners that bitch and whine about having to help the rest. Well, slow down and do your job correctly and maybe you won't have to take on additional work. It's that simple. Management has two choices. 1) add route(s) to absorb the excess work. 2) send the runners and gunners to help. Gee.....I wonder which they prefer.
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    Why would you think about filing a grieveance againt a brother on how he does his route ?????

    Ever think he takes his two breaks and Hour lunch, drives the speed limit and use the methods. Just because someone (maybe a runner gunner) was doing the route with 100 stops dosen't mean it's a 100 stop route. How may miles does he drive a day?

    If a driver came in at 11pm on a route management would be saying something no matter where your are. First of all your on road SUP's would be getting a A-- chewing be upper management. Then the driver needs 10 hrs off before his next shift so that would be another problem. So something is fishy here???????
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    IF they start at 9, take an hour lunch, and punch out at 11, that is a SPORH of 5.38 at 70 stops. While I'm not saying you are lying, I am having a hard time believing that, as that is the lowest SPORH I've ever heard of, even if they had 300 miles. It was also said that they sometimes get in at 11P.M.- If that happened once, I'm sure that it would hit the fan; you claim it happens on different occasions.
    I think there is more to the story as well.
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    I think you work in my center!!!:happy-very:
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    Simply tell them " I will go over 10 if I gottah help this guy "" put the ball in their court & they won't like to here The 10 part!1 good luck !
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    Covemaster according to Upslick the other guy work 13-14 hr somedays and management doesn't do anything so 10 should be a gift to them.

    To tell you the truth the story seems a litttle unbelievable
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    Is the over 10 penalty only in NE though?
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    I could be the guy that they send help to.

    Routes are cut, drivers are overdispatched. I do my job and follow the methods. Oh well, I take my breaks and sit and play the banjo and eat lunch by Lake Erie. I send a message at 2 that I won't make 10.5 (flavor of the week). Around five a young buck comes and helps whining that he has delivered 175 stops and hasn't taken a break yet.

    I give him my stops, go get some coffee and think about how he's contributing to the pension fund but won't get any of it because he's killing himself. In a few short years his knees, hips and back will be gone and another Red Bull Runner will take his place.

    It's the nature of the brown beast.
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    When he stays out past 11pm they change his start, he starts 10 hrs 20 minutes past his finish time. On car sup claims she cant ride with because she is pregnant. we are a small center with only 9 rts and she is all we have. I dont run at all, take my hour lunch everyday, and work at a safe, steady pace. When he worked 14 hrs last, all they did to him was instruck him not to do it again. I was thinking I could file under treating all employees the same. Seems like he and one other union brother gets favoritism. I find no fault in filing against another union brother, if what he does takes time away from my family.