What to expect as a new driver?

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    I've been working for the company for about 4 years as a part time package handler while I was attending college, and did driver helper once this past peak season.

    I recently applied for, and obtained, a position as a full-time cover driver. I took my classes for a week (99% on the computer, 1% riding with a driver, 0% driving) and passed those. But feel like I didn't really learn anything apart from all the safety methods. I've spoken to drivers in my building that I've loaded for in regards to what I can expect, and they all say that it takes about a week or so to really get used to the job.

    Do you guys have any tips? What can I seriously expect on my training route, and in the first few months of being a full time driver? Thanks
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    Really pay attention to your surroundings on your training route. Refer to your map when you have a second to get your bearings while your supervisor drives. Make note of landmarks to help you guide you if you get turned around. Learn the boundaries of your route and the main streets. The rest will come to you with time.

    Oh, "keep eyes eyes ahead of car" and safety safety safety. Good luck. I'm right there with you, going on my second week on a new route on Monday.
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    We expect you do everything absolutely perfect. No mistakes!! and run scratch DAILY!!!

    Good luck!
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    If thats the case. Im lucky still,to have a job here!
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    Maybe I can get a job, at Coke?
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    Probably takes ya more like a month to get to the point where you actually feel comfortable in your new position as a driver. Its going to take you that long because you have to learn how to drive truck, learn the route, learn the diad, learn different methods on how to do certain procedures such as cod's or whatever it may be. Its a lot to learn and trust me it aint going to take a week to get in your comfort zone. The first week or 2, the state of paranoia is always there lol, after week 2, the paranoia starts to wear off as you start to settle in and get comfortable. Good luck.
  8. jumpman23

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    The company wouldn't have anybody to work there if that were the case lol.
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    Didn't the teach you what to expect? You expect the unexpected.
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    I still don't know what to expect after 25 years.
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    No accidents. Don't get injured. Every day will get better and you will feel more comfortable. Take it one day at a time
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