What will help me in becoming full time driver?

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    I am just wondering what will help me in becoming a full time driver being an outsider? I have been working as a seasonal driver helper last year and I am planning to work as a seasonal driver helper this year also. Next year, I plan i being a seasonal driver. I have a clean drivers record and know couple of languages. I will also have an AA degree next year. Will all this help me become FT driver? What else can help me? Thanks!
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  2. YouKnowWhoIam

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    There's no such thing as a seasonal driver,that I know of. At least not here in the northeast. You start out like anyone else,part time hub. And within a couple years,if you haven't come to your senses yet you will eventually get the opportunity to go driving full time. Good luck.
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    Yeah there is, I am currently a seasonal driver out of the Worcester hub. I think to become a driver either get a job as preload for a few years, or do a kick butt job as a seasonal driver if you get the chance, make yourself stand out.
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    I stand corrected,thanks.
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    Sorry, this will noit really help you but I gotta say it!!

    The reason there is no more full time drivers being hired is because of the allowance of seasonal drivers. There is no reason to hare a full time driver, pay his benefits and eventually pay him top scale when they can bring in a seasonal for a couple months. They never gain seniority, never pay dues(in right to work states) and are gone as soon as Christmas is over. If the Union is serious about their full time job rhetoric, their is a good place to start. Get rid of the seasonal driver language, and the allowing helpers starting Nov. 1 as well.
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    I like the crap they're pulling in our bldg. Using 6-8 helpers and sending 8 -10 full timers home,unpaid. Of course,the full timers who go home 3 or 4 times a week are just as much to blame. Let's just make it easier for UPS to eliminate routes guys! Brilliant!
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    Well how else are the supposed to handle the volume overload around peak season?
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    I agree, if every seniority driver would come in and demand to be put to work they would have to find something for them to do before putting on helpers. I told all my guys to quit volunteering for days off so it's more dificult for them to use helpers. We have to stand up for our rights or the company will run around them at every oppertunity!!
  9. grgrcr88

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    The same way they did it for the last 90 years wothout seasonal drivers. Promote from within!!
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    Wrong we have seasonal drivers in the Northeast they work from June 1 to the second week in Sept to cover vacations and they again From Oct 1 to Dec 24 to help with peak. They are call Temps in the contract (ie seasonal).
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    I hate to say it but nothing is going to help you besides showing up to work everyday ready to work. Other than that they have to hire 6 people from in side the building first before they hire 1 from the outside. In my are of three different building they have hired 2 drivers in the past 3 1/2 years. The next person they hire is going to be a casual they has been a casual for 3 years.
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    We use them, but they are PT covers. They go back to preload or metro.
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    Morning Meno
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    There a lot of drivers in military coming back soon there gonna be in the drivers seat befor any one .
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    Sleep with the boss. I would do mine but he looks like he has a hairy back.
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    It doesn't hurt if you center manager has a crush on you. I wouldn't know anything about this, personally...................
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    who doesn't?!!!!:devil3:
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    Heh heh!

    Ooooh I wish!
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    Aint it funny how a thread morphs?

    In answer to your question, a degree wont hurt, but that would not help as a driver. Neither will speaking several languages. Those are more things that would help you if you were looking to get into management.

    There are so many problems anymore with telling someone how to get on. The union is very different on this across the board. Here, it would be a long time, other places maybe a couple of years.

    My suggestion would be to give the job the best effort you have in you, deal fairly and honestly with your employer and customers, always conduct yourself with honesty and integrity in all dealings. And dont be afraid to try new jobs or responsibilities at UPS. It helps broaden your view and experiences.

    I know that all sounds a bit old fashioned, but I dont think that approach ever goes out of style with employers.

    Good luck!

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    We use reg temps from June 1st till Jan 1st....I am a reg temp in my 4th year driving and number 3 on the senority list. jan- may I work part time pre load and am a top scale air driver.. Best bet is get a inside job, become a sat air driver, become a reg temp and then just wait. Expect 4 - 5 year wait to get a bid. I here it used to happen alot quicker, but if you want it, then play the game. good luck