What's the clerk do?

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    At my center we have a place where an older guy works and he gets boxes that have blank labels or come up as a "nib-nib" or other errors. My question is what exactly does he do with them? Not that I ever want to do that job, I'm just very curious and it bugs me when there's something I don't know anything about haha
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    I'd ask him.
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    He uses various tools at his disposal to find the correct address on those packages . Historical delivery records , the internet, and in my opinion is the backbone of the whole delivery operation.
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    A clerk researches errors and address corrects packages. nib stands for not in building, and is a missort.
  5. Our clerks are good looking women....just saying.
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    All our delivery drivers are women , or just snivel like them. Just saying
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  7. Good one.

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    He does clerky stuff and gets to stand around and shoot the bull with everyone.
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  11. rod

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    Our clerk just stood around and gossiped with our porter gal for 4 hours---they both got paid 30 bucks an hour because they were hired years and years ago back when everyone earned the same per-hour wage---- (other than feeder drivers who got a dime more an hour). They both finally retired last year. I'm sure UPS was glad to replace them with 8 buck an hour people.
  12. just chillin'

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    using the tools provided for me (a computer and a phone:laughing2:), i do everything in my power to ensure proper delivery of any and all undeliverable packages. this includes ups and internet searches as well as phone calls to both shipper and receiver. i do not deal with any leakers or damages, those are left aside for the DMP clerk. i also assist the OMSs in locating will calls, intercepts and delivery change requests (DCRs). while im no longer held to a production standard, i do have to make sure i make accurate corrections and i try to not have any missed exceptions on my nightly report. also while im not held accountable for a package not being corrected if the driver doesn't bring it to me, i do go way out of my way to try and locate that package by not only looking in the drivers truck but digging through a half loaded trailer. i know drivers are disciplined for not bringing the clerk there work so i try to keep all my guys out of trouble. yes it is a less physical less pressure job than driving. yes im full time and make 33 dollars and change an hour but i see no overtime. in my case i preloaded a 5 car assignment full time from midnight to 9 AM for 20 years before i won this clerk bid. i will not be replaced by an 8 dollar an hour partimer when i retire. some other 20+ year veteran who paid his dues will win the bid for my job and continue to be full time and make top scale just like porters and car washers unless they rewrite the local contract.
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    Some clerk jobs are union but some others are not. I never could understand the differences in which job was classified as each.
  14. just chillin'

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    like so many other aspects of ups, different rules and ways of doing things between different regions of the country and different locals. heck even different buildings in the same local!
  15. They use a program called UDC to fix the address or hold the package for Will Call/Redirect. It's actually, IMO, the best program at UPS. The records they have in the system is amazing. It's a pretty easy job. I did it when I was an hourly and you can blow through quite a bit of packages pretty fast.
  16. cosmo1

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    Way back, in the dark ages, when our county went to 911 addressing, I had a neighbor doing that work for the county. He gave me a disc (I did say in the dark ages) with all the old RD#'s and all the new street addresses.

    I set up a simple database for my route so I could cross-reference the addresses. After, I offered the disc to my center manager so the clerks would have the same information.

    The answer? No way! We don't know what's on that. You might be trying to infect the entire UPS system!

  17. That's UPS for ya. Just trying to check my e-mail from home is like trying to log into the NSA database.
  18. That windows 95. Keeps us up to date.
  19. Orion was built using the original Windows.