whats the odds?

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  1. hey guys.

    If you have worked at a center as a preloader for awile and have always done a good job and you just decided to tell managment that you have filled out an app online for another center and wanted to quit and go there if the forsay put in a good reccomendation for you is it possible to get on at that center?
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    No, next question?
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    I have a question.....What is a forsay??
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    a verb: to deny, renounce, forbid
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    no you should just put in a transfer if your contract allows it. don't ever trust ups to say ok quit and we will rehire you. not gonna happen
  6. satellitedriver

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    Apply at the new center.
    Get hired.
    Quit old center.
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    In our area the only way to transfer is if you're enrolled in college near that center. There have been exceptions.

    If the center was near I'd just speak to the center manager about it and see what happens. Good luck! Hope they will cooperate with you.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I don't think the system will allow an active employee to do this.
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    UPS doesn't do transfers and what your say is basically a transfer in a round about way.

    Why do you want to work a the other center ?? Are you moving ?? Are you going to college ?? How far away is the other center from the one you work in? Unless you do a school transfer your pretty much SOL. Your going to have to quit one center and then apply at the other center. However once you quit the first center you are most likely (99%) going to be put on a no rehire list. You could do a educational transfer if the other center would accept you and you enrolled in a school by the new center.

    If you did get hired at the other center you would start at the bottom again. IF you did a educational transfer you would keep years of service but have no building seniority (basically starting over again).