What's the worst route you've ever done?

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    I ran a leisure world route for Christmas and hit 12 hours on the clock and I was told to bring in 100 stops back to the building.(all service failures and couldn't stay on the clock longer because I was going to hit my 60 hours for the week.) yay!
  2. Dracula

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    Generally speaking, the industrial routes were always the worst...always a bunch of NDA's, truck always bulked out, packages were usually heavy and awkward, lots of pickups, little overtime, and very little overtime. These are routes for new hires, low seniority people. I always had to call each day to get work taken off my route so I could take my lunch. I had to do this for almost a month, before they finally got the message and adjusted my load.

    Surprisingly, my next worst route was a route I could have retired on. It was a country route 45 minutes outside of the city. It was completely a driving route, which I thought I would love, and I did, except for one fatal thing: the gravel roads. I had to wear a mask that covered my nose and mouth every time I hit the dust. In the midwest summers, this became torturous. Much of the time, I drove a half-hour between stops. I would open my bulk-head door, and the inside of the package car was cloudy with dust. The people were great. Much nicer and generous than the people in the city. It was almost like becoming family with everyone. Honestly, I saw more animals than people. Great, great route, if only those roads had been paved.
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    That's crazy!
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    Now days by us, everyday they take out routes you could be deliverying commercial stops till 5 - 5:30. Everyday different, your one time bid route, really not there anymore..
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    Very well put.

    There is a mostly rural route out of my center. Delivers to 6 different zip codes. Would love, love, love the route, but the dust in the summer is ridiculous. Blow my nose is like blasting a wad of mud out of the nostrils. The longest I covered it was during a 2-week span one summer. When the regular guy came back from vacation, I was ready to move on.
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    We have talked about what routes were the nicest to cover and since EDD, really they are all about the same. The rural routes have some crappy in town stuff tossed in so they make sporh numbers, usually a bank of apartments. We have a bunch of routes that now put on 200 miles so that they get in to town and boost the stop count, which also means that 3 or 4 guys might be delivering down the same rural road.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.
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    That's retarded!
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    It's not the worst, because it's my bid route, but I deliver to 9 zip codes. I'm staying put till I'm done at UPS.
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    The worst one I ever ran was a Downtown Atlanta elevator route for a month about thirty years ago in a P-600. You would pull up to the sidewalk and work 30 story buildings on Marietta St between Five Points and the Georgia World Congress Center for those of you who know anything about Atlanta. A lot of Government buildings filled with the most incompetent people I have ever met, I understand first hand about how screwed up the Federal Government is.

    My first route I bid into was straight out of the Hub and I got an Industrial Park where I worked out of a straight truck. I delivered and picked up a thousand pkgs a day. Not much overtime because I blew out early and had to get pickups covered every day. Lots of perks from customers though, I could buy stuff at wholesale costs.
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    I was intown last week,and felt sorry for the UPS drivers i saw in Five Points: TERRIBLE traffic,pedestrians crossing the street wherever they felt like crossing,and the general pandemonium of being in the city. Id HATE to have a route intown now
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    As a swing driver, 31st and State in Elgin Il. I went out blind on this route and ran it by the numbers. The last stuff up was an apartment complex straight out of the movies. Cars on cynder blocks, bars over every window and door. Ran it at the end of the day all week. When the route driver, a 6'7" black man, returned from vaca and found out that the sup had not filled me in on how to run the route he stormed off and chewed his ass out. I can still hear his booming voice today, "You almost got that white boy killed!".


    I can completely relate to this. The gravel here is the white rock so it just chokes the crap out of you. Going out on them rural routes the first time SUCKS!!!!!! Once you learn them and can just drive and KNOW exactly where you are going. On a side note---I will take a dry dusty road ANYDAY over a wet dirt road in these trucks that get stuck on a wet dog turd.
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    You guys can have all that stuff, I'll take my 160 100+ miles a day.
  14. old brown shoe

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    I would rather be out on the dusty roads all day than working in town. Others say how they would like to do my route in the summer, but would not touch it in the winter. I've done all types of routes and the rural routes use to be the ones everyone wanted to finish their careers on. Not so much now as so much in town work has been added and still have all your rural areas to do. Not fun to be out in the mountains in the dark chaining up or stuck outside of cell phone coverage.