When do we get our retro checks?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by rckfrd98, Sep 19, 2002.

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    Now that we have ratified the new contract. When do we see retro checks??
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    I heard that the Union and UPS agreed to donate our retro checks to United Way..... !
  4. HaHa!! You guys crack me up. Seriously though, I heard that there are 2 area supplements that were voted down and nobody gets paid any retro pay until these 2 supplements can be settled. Folks, this could take a long, long time....
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    I heard..the end of Oct. one or two things still not officially radified yet, and they should have it rapped up and in the mail by then. This I heard from an EXCELLENT couple of stewards in our building.
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    Local 243 (Metro Detroit), Local 926 (Pittsburgh) and Western Pennsylvania turned down their supplements. Local 243's supplement was ratified despite being voted down. Under current Teamster by-laws if less than half of the eligible voters fail to get off their ass and send in their ballots it requires a two thirds majority to turn down the proposal.

    I don't personally have a problem with this rule, because if you can't get at least half of the membership to at least vote in an election where the ballot is sent to your house, has a simplified "X" here or here, comes supplied with a self addressed stamped envelope, then the membership is a bunch of moronic sheep and sheep deserve to be sheared.

    The contract will not be ratified until the outstanding remaining supplements are re-negotiated, voted on and passed.

    Any estimate of how long this will take is pure speculation.

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    what a wonderful little check this will be
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    Ups will drag this on as long as they can.They don't have to give us our raise,and when we do get our ret. checks it will be put in the form of a bonus check and taxed 40%.They are making money off of our money why should they care when those sup. get passed.
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    they will not tax it at 40%, the rate will be 28% and I seriously doubt that neither the Union or UPS can donate the back pay to the United Way, I hope that was intended to be a joke.
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    After alls is said and done. will we be paid the next pay period with a retro check? you people are way to technical!!
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    So when do we get the checks? I was told by a steward the raise should be on this weeks check. Does anybody know for sure?
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    Well theoretically it could be on this week's check as the contract was completely ratified yesterday October 7th and the contract and all it's changes are to officially begin 8am October 8th with the wages and benefits retroactive back to August 1st.
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    Hey Payroll,

    "Live Check" for the retro pay please, no direct deposit. With direct deposit the "Ball and Chain" gets it before I do!! LOL!
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    that you would be great because my wife is getting a back pay check with her company, this month will be fun to have both we have wedding ann. coming up. now it will be really nice.
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    My Division Manager told us this morning to expect "Live" Retro checks on 10-25-02!
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    Did anyone get a retro check on Friday???
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    We were given a PCM on thursday last week stating that a live retro check would be given on friday 10-25-2002. it will also be taxed as a supplemental check i.e. "a green check". in north illinois it is taxed @33%. it should be just under $300.00. also in no.ill. feeder pcm's are set out on the dispatch counter for all to read at their specific start time.