When It Comes To the Military, How Different Are The Democrats?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jun 18, 2008.

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    In 2006' the democrats took control of the US Congress in both houses and since then have also to my knowledge at the least won about all (if not all) special elections to fill vacant seats. Most pundits believe the democrat party will pick up even more seats in the coming elections and several longstanding, high ranking republicans in the congress are leaving out of this accepted belief.

    That said I just want to point out that from 2006' to the present in which time (OK, really from Jan. 07) the democrats controlled the congress and where according to the Constitution, where all bills of spending must originate which is the House. For a party that is suppose to end the Iraq war and bring "PEACE IN OUR TIME" they sure don't prove it when you look at the facts!
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    How about poor judgment from their new leader?:happy-very:


    Article from the Washington Post no less.

    If the positive trends continue, proponents of withdrawing most U.S. troops, such as Mr. Obama, might be able to responsibly carry out further pullouts next year. Still, the likely Democratic nominee needs a plan for Iraq based on sustaining an improving situation, rather than abandoning a failed enterprise. That will mean tying withdrawals to the evolution of the Iraqi army and government, rather than an arbitrary timetable; Iraq's 2009 elections will be crucial. It also should mean providing enough troops and air power to continue backing up Iraqi army operations such as those in Basra and Sadr City. When Mr. Obama floated his strategy for Iraq last year, the United States appeared doomed to defeat. Now he needs a plan for success.

    Does Obama have a plan for success? No because it was a failure from the word go in his poor judgment!:biting:

    We all know McCain was a staunch supporter of the surge and Obama was against it!

    You've gotta ask yourself just whose experience and judgment you would rely on to run this Country!!:teethy:
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    Seems the democrats are going to continue the upward trendline.

    Iraq may have some trouble brewing ahead as this isn't good at all!
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    I'd never you kid you on matter like that. Way to serious!
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    Go to You Tube and post the video of Congressman Paul Kanjorski(sp) on here telling an audience the truth about the democrats and their promises about ending the war during the 2006 elections. If you do this, I will listen.
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    You haven't been here long have you?

    It shows!
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    Re: When It Comes To the Military, How Different Are The Democrats?

    Why is this a surprise to some? Have people become conditioned:hypnosis: into believing Democrats are anti-military? Besides comparing military service records overwhelmingly in favor of Dems over Reps in Wash, one just needs to re-read their American History books to be re-conditioned. I do blame the Dems into being tricked and lied to by the Bush/Cheney/Rove/Runsfeld Executtive branch into invading Iraq.
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    I don't buy it.

    democrats had their own unfiltered sources to intelligence.

    democrats also benifited from the huge spending spree that took place with Iraq.

    democrats were for the wealth that this war would bring back to their home districts.
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    I think it has to do with the political spin that's out there and it's not a one sided deal either. How many times have democrats told the American public that the republicans were gonna end Social Security or some welfare program only to see the truth after the fact that gov't in fact grew in those areas. Radical types like me can only pray the dems are right at least once in a while but we're still waiting! :wink2:

    Maybe those raises weren't the same level as the democrats wanted but the fact remains that the amount of gov't truly did grow. The spin truly is all over the place.

    To hear republicans, democrats are the spawn of hell who will usher in the communist nightmare. You know, for once I'd just like to see them try to invoke fullblown communism just to throw it back in their face when guys like you become the loudest critics of such efforts. I guess the democrat communist re-education process just never took in your case.:happy-very: Most republicans are clueless that the current foreign policy is democrat party doctrine of the Wilson, FDR, Truman era and the antiwar stance is a Taft republican position so in truth republicans have become democrats and in foreign policy democrats a bit of Taft republicans. LOL! FREAKY FRIDAY Gov't STYLE!

    As for the every day ordinary democrat out there in the real world (I'm not talking beltway or politicos) but honest to god oridnary people, I've yet to meet one who wants us to lose in Iraq or anywhere for that matter, who doesn't want to see Osama bin Laden dead and wrapped in pork skins or who shed tears because Saddam Hussein is dead. Maybe there are some out there but I've yet to meet them myself and although I'm not sure about the pork skins part (I know a bit extreme), I'd bet you'd agree with just about all of that as well. And I'd bet Tie would agree as well. Where the disagreements comes forth is the politics and cult of personalities we all get wrapped up in.

    The ironic part of your and Tie's last 2 posts is that when you boil them down you both are very much on point IMO.

    I read an op-ed earlier today from antiwar.com that concerned the warfare/welfare state and how one benefits the other. Regardless of where you stand on the war itself, I felt the author made an excellent point in how both become political leverage and in the end the gov't is expanded and we the taxpayer are saddled with further debt and potential tax increases to pay it off. I hope for the moment you can put aside partisan thinking, ignore possible partisan comments in the piece to just look beyond at the basic economics of it all.


    Somebody must have fvked up the water. We're getting to damn civil around here. Making me sick!