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  1. jbrett

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    Ok, hi guys and gals, new to the board. Want to order socks this weekend and everyone (4 people) I've talked to out of my center doesn't remember where to go to order socks. Been a couple of years since I have.
    So can anyone hook me up with a web address so that I can get this done this weekend?
    Thanks ahead of time
  2. socks

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    I bought some from a driver that sells socks as a side biz

    Bobby Sox Inc
    PO Box 1365
    Hickory NC 28603

    The price for one dozen was $20.00. Shipping $6. That was a while ago so the price may have changed

    UPSBOI You don't want to know!

  4. VoiceOfReason

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    I didn't know riverside did the socks also. When I log in I can only get the regular uniform stuff, no socks.

    Cintas is the only place I know of. Call them 1-800-UNIFORM I think its about $30 for 5 pairs of sock shipped.

    EDIT: I see there is another thread on this entitled "Rediculous" with all the info you need.
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    Hey thanks for all the good info. :biggrin: I'm just gettin back to the site now after all the football today, etc... I'll check these out and....of course, will be back at work tomorrow and wil check to see what info they give me if I remember to ask.
    I'll be back often as have seen and read many posts which interest me.
    Again thanks
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