White-people Fragility


The Great Deliverer
"In more than twenty years of running diversity-training and cultural-competency workshops for American companies, the academic and educator Robin DiAngelo has noticed that white people are sensationally, histrionically bad at discussing racism. Like waves on sand, their reactions form predictable patterns: they will insist that they “were taught to treat everyone the same,” that they are “color-blind,” that they “don’t care if you are pink, purple, or polka-dotted.” They will point to friends and family members of color, a history of civil-rights activism, or a more “salient” issue, such as class or gender. They will shout and bluster. They will cry. In 2011, DiAngelo coined the term “white fragility” to describe the disbelieving defensiveness that white people exhibit when their ideas about race and racism are challenged—and particularly when they feel implicated in white supremacy. Why, she wondered, did her feedback prompt such resistance, as if the mention of racism were more offensive than the fact or practice of it?"
So if you’re white and disagree with my politics you’re a racist.

-only every left winger ever


Duke of Doúchebaggery
Lol! This Renee Graham sounds like a bitter, fugly bitch. The fact that people get paid to write stuff like this ought to make anyone with an even remotely useful job feel the utmost security.


I’m full of it
Ahhh, memories. Big Wheels and Green Machines. Every street in the neighborhood had kids outside playing. You don't see that anymore. You can thank technology for that. I miss the good old days!
Use to stay outside and play all day until it got dark either riding a bicycle or playing sports