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    For Years We Have Kept Tight Grooming Standards " To Promote A Good Image To Our Customers".
    Look At What Is Now Promoting Our Company. Are We Going To Promote Our Service With Long Hair? If So We Need To Immediately Eliminate The Controls On Driver Hair Lenght, To Include Beards. By The Way, Look At The Portraits On The Money We Work For.
    Stop The Double Standard Policies Please.
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    Why Do You Capitalize Every Word?
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    if you weren't so buisy being leftinthebuilding you would have gotten out on the big road for 25 years- flourecent lighting and all that...the capitals are representative of the emphasis the company places on each and every one of our haircuts. i could get into this long and winded dissertation regarding "font police" or "capital letter lifeguard" or "web etiquette enforcer" but i have a life and i am working too many hours and as a junior member i do not want to start out on the wrong foot.
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    Too late!:happy-very:

    If what you say is true, then why the burning desire to fight a loosing battle about hair.

    That being said, Kenny, a delivery driver in our building, had hair down past his shoulders. They did have a hearing, and he was allowed to keep it long, as long as it would fit under the UPS cap, and he would keep it there while on duty. And he did so for several years without a problem.

    So, why is it such an issue with you, since you dont want to waste time?

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    Yeah, you are probably right. I only have 35 years in and only 27 were on the road. So, what do I know. Carry on.....
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    35 years- what the H... are you hanging around for? Retire man:peaceful:
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    Well, so much for making a good first impression!!

    I personally like the Whiteboard campaign. The "dude with the long hair" is actually the president of the ad company and, in my opinion, is a talented artist who is at ease in front of the camera and does an excellent representing UPS. Unfortunately, we are not all NASCAR fans so for those of us who have the ability to make both left and right hand turns, there is the whiteboard campaign. (NASCAR fans--just having a little fun--relax)

    exectrec--lighten up!!
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    I am trying! I am trying! Someone please, buy my house............
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    (Hey, did they ever get that guy to drive the truck???)