Who covers the dot physical

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  1. oalvarado9ar2cb

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    I recently pass the road test and now I have to get a DOT physical and my question is if my insurance will cover it or do I have to pay it out of my own pocket
  2. Monkey Butt

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    UPS will pay for it.
  3. rod

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    If you are in the Union and they schedule it during your normal working hours they should also pay your wages while you are sitting in the clinic waiting room twidding your fingers. I think I got paid for every physical I ever took. Every once in awhile they would try the old "we don't pay you to take a physical" speech but if you pressed it they would. In our small town the local clinic wasn't open on saturday didn't schedule any doctor stuff until after 9:30 am so physicals were always "during normal working hours".
  4. Dizzee

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    Doesn't work that way here. Company pays for physical, but, it's on your time.
  5. rod

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    Did they get rid of Artical 20 Section 1 (Central States)----:Required Examination

    Employees will not be required to take examinations during their working hours unless paid by the Employeer for all time spent. I take that to mean if you are normally scheduled to start at 9:30 am and they schedule your physical at 9:30 am on a work day you get paid for it. I always did. I can see if you live in the "big city" and have access to clinics that are open during odd hours but small town America don't work that way. Being the nice guys they are I have seen many times even at my little center where a center manager would bully some rookie into changing his start time until after his physical is over----or just as bad--schedule a physical during a vacation.
  6. Dizzee

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    The company doesn't schedule your physical here. They notify you when you have 30 days left and it's up to the employee to schedule an exam. I'm in suburbia, so yes, there are a lot of company approved physical providers with late/Saturday hours.
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    Jeez. What a bunch of union whiners. They'll probe your butt for free and you want to get paid for it too.
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    When you got a sweet butt like mine, you can't just give that stuff away. :wink2:
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    ​Put a few years on that butt and you'll be paying to get it probed.
  10. rod

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    I guess that is the difference. Here they always scheduled your physical for you. They did that because they knew if we scheduled our own we would pick Friday at about 3:30 pm so we could get off early. They always picked 9:30 am. After you were done with your physical you would go to the center and pick up your truck (which always had extra cuts added to it because you weren't there to protect yourself). Management would be gone for the day until about 4:00 pm. They lead a tuff life.
  11. Dizzee

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    My DOT physical when I turned 40 ( the age when they start offering a prostate exam) was conducted by a tiny asian woman with a heavy accent and it went like this:

    At one point she was standing behind me in the tiny exam room and I heard a tiny voice say, " Mr. Dizzlee I am whisperling at you".
    That was the hearing exam.

    When everything was done she was standing at a counter with her back to me. She suddenly turned around and looked me right in the eye and said, "So.... you like lectal exam"?
    It took me by surprise and I stammered back," No... no I don't like rectal exam".

    She said, "No, no it's option. It's option Mr. Dizzlee".

    "Then put me down for no", I replied.
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    Gee, when I did the "r" and "l" thing......I was tagged a racist. .....like yours, mine was intended to be funny too. They slaughter the "L" and "R", I don't care what anyone says!!!