Who Do I Contact To Apply for Long Term Disability Under Article 34

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by newmember, Oct 26, 2012.

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    Article 34 discusses Long Term Disability, but it does not explain the process. Does anyone know who I contact to apply, and the phone number? Last is there a deadline for applying if you've been on SSDI for years? Thanks!
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    The process is detailed in the Summary Plan Description booklet you should have received in the mail.

    Call Aetna at 1-866-825-0186 to file a claim.

    You must first be on Short Term Disability. The five-year so-called "Long" Term Disability (LTD) takes over from there.

    I suspect you will be disqualified from collecting because you are applying too late, or because you are not an active employee.

    What makes you think you are eligible if you are already on SSDI?
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    I'm lost here too. I was injured in a motorcycle accident in Apr '14. I received 6 mos of STD bennies which were pathetic. That ended in Oct, and I've not been paid a dime since. I tried two mos. before STD expired, but Aetna claimed I wasn't in their system (20 year UPSer). Now they say they can and will take up till Jan 9 to approve OR deny my claim, but that they will reduce whatever amount I receive by the $ amount I get as a disabled veteran. I receive my VA bennies as a driver, but not on LTD for a different injury!!!?? I think there's a lot of fine print that's left out of our contracts. What a joke!!!
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    You need to hire a lawyer.
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    About $500.00 a week, minus State taxes ?

    How is that possible ?

    If you wait until your STD expires.... that would explain the delay.

    How do they know you receive benefits from the VA ?

    It's not related to your claim.... so I am confused.

    Have you talked to your Local Union BA ?

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    At some point in the past you should have gotten something in the mail that told you how STD and LTD worked for you area. IF you can't find it why didn't you ask for a copy of one. What do you mean you receive your VA bennies as a driver but not when on disability ????????
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    I'm a disabled Veteran AND a UPS driver. When I'm driving, I get paid every Friday. Full hourly rate. I receive my VA Disability retirement on the 1st of each month. Now Aetna says if they approve my LTD claim, they will deduct my VA disability from my UPS LTD. It just doesn't sound right. I knew how to transfer from short to long term disability, but between the union STD and the LTD provided by Aetna, there's a purposely :censored2:ed up system (the run around) that delays earned benefits. I'm looking for solutions here, not wise-assed remarks.
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    Thanks man. I intended to give the LTD carrier a heads up 15 weeks into my short term. I don't know how it's possible, but it took UPS contacting Aetna to get their stuff right. I tried and tried, but was delayed time and again. They'd tell me they were emailing each other often, but were not allowed to copy me in these emails. Trust me, it's a broken system. The fact that they can deny me doesn't even make sense.
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    Ask AETNA to send you what written regulations they have governing VA Medical Retirees not being entitled to receive a full LTD payment. The LTD payment is based on your UPS job and not if you are collecting a VA Medical Pension/disability payment for injuries sustained in the military. If you don't ask, you get what they want to give you, instead of what you are entitled to. If your LTD from UPS is due to your VA Medical Disability then I would think they can deduct that payment you receive from the VA but the only way to know it to get the written rules of the plan. You could also contact a lawyer specializing in disability issues. They will usually do pro bono work for disabled vets.