Who does Amazon use for same day delivery?

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    Just read my local paper online and it's available in my county now. Almost all zip codes. Is it an Uber type situation? I don't like this one bit. How much could they possibly be paying these drivers? I hope it fails miserably. Free same day for Prime customers on orders over $35.00. For orders under $35.00 it's a $5.99 charge.
    Non prime customers can pay $8.99 for same day
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    I dont know. They have brand new white Nissan commercial vans with the amazon logo.
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    They pay 14$ an hour here. They also drive like aszz bags and park like trash men in the center of the road.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

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    Asian drivers?
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    Here's one customer that is not too happy, commenting on the driver: