Who is running the ship in North Carolina


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Just got through talking to the shipping manager of {edited by moderator}, and we seem not to have enough space to get his deliveries out every day.

Last week, they did not get any deliveries one day, the next they got two days worth on a "big Bertha". the packages were just thrown in the truck and many were in damaged or bad shape, so much so they refused the whole truck load. This included all the levels of air.

HE was finally placed with the district manager and was told to call him if there were any more problems with the delivery.

A few days later, again they did not get a delivery. And again he was told that they did not have room on the regular truck for the deliveries, so they were left at the building.

What the heck is going on down there guys. We get the business and some jerk on the other end just doesnt feel like putting them out for delivery? In bound 150-200 a day, several million dollar account outbound, and he is talking about going to either FEdex or DHL.

Anybody down there even care?



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I don't see how any center can have that many missed pieces per day. Heads would roll. I imagine then that someone is hiding these peices.

Danny, you should get some tracking numbers and see if they're being sheeted as missed. If not, that is a huge ethics issue. Have the shipping manager make a call to Atlanta, and get some action!


Dannyboy at our center they will take pkgs that are missed or that are left at the center and scan them with an exception scanner. When asked how they were scaning them I was told they were entered as am or pm service failures. I later was given one of these scaners to scan a bunch of pkgs that had been misloaded on my car that day that I could not make service on. These pkgs were missed and should have been sheeted as so but i was instructed not to sheet them but to bring back to center and exception scan . When I got back I was given a scanner to scan them with and when I looked down at it low and behold there it was right there on the screen they were scanning them as future. We have had drivers get fired for this it is called falsifying documents.THEY DO THIS EVERY DAY! And yes I am in North Carolina



I`m a driver in North Carolina , were sheeting up package as Emergency condition because we had a little ice. Were leaving around 100 to 200 stops in the blding a day. Some of the package have been EC for 10 days, thats bad service. On the average there around 500 Ec a day, I`ve noticed business stops and yes even for the hospital. That ups way of not putting more driver on the road.


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Have to agree that it is a UPS problem and not just a N. Carolina problem as I am seeing packages missing service in our bldg on a steady basis and not just during peak but the problem is more extreme during peak. There is one local school that has not been delivered in approx two weeks, the packages are just left under the belt and I am not sure when they are planning to deliver them. I have had a NDA package on my route that never made it on my truck on the appropriate day and was sheeted in the bldg by the OMS clerk as a closed 1, this type of service is unexceptable in my opinion, I recommended to the consignee that they call in a complaint on the matter but they told me that they do not want to get anyone in trouble. I do not know what can be done to rectify this problem, but I feel that something must be done before this company is run into the ground in the name of profit and we are all looking for a new place to work. I for one would like to see this company keep thriving in the future and see my retirement still there so I can enjoy my golden years.

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What part of NC are you talking about. The east carolina district (east of greensboro in NC) has been mis-managed for many years. They had a woman controller there that ran the place in the ground the last 5 years. She does not even have a college degree but (you know what) her way to the top (she is now a district manager). She promoted several idiots in the operations and a ex-English teacher as Finance and Accounting Manager. Most of the good people have left, or don't care anymore.