who no how to be a taper in "cach"

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  1. kenmei

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    the one that walking around and taping box.i dont no what it really call lol
  2. freeloader

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    I think he's called a re-wrapper. You probably need a 4 year degree in engineering to get the job though. Re-wrapping requires in-depth knowledge of adhesives, carton design and aerodynamics (just to name a few).
  3. kenmei

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    r u serious i dont think anyone with 4 year engineering degree will work there.
  4. Yes. An aeronautical engineering degree is just as good, as some sorters do not practive hand-to-surface methods thus launching packages airborne. Knowing how to tape a package so that lift is minimized is a key skill to this job.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    No, he is correct. The position of "re-wrapper" does require a 4 year degree in Engineering as they have to be able to determine tape strength, tape length, and tensile strength.
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    THANKS, i got pepsi all over my PC screen reading that.
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    The next time he makes his rounds re-wrapping, pay particular attention to his skill. He assesses the damaged box or envelope and makes several mental calculations to determine his next course of action. Does he utilize his adhesive application device to make repairs or does he construct a replacement container for the remainder of said parcel's transport? There is a well thought out science and methodology for this job and it must be followed in detail. The lives of thousands if not millions of packages is in the hands of the re-wrapper.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Were it not for the re-wrapper, UPS as we know it today would not exist. There was a period during the 80's when they tried to outsource this position but the results were disastrous. UPS realized that, indeed, you do need a 4 year degree in Engineering to be a re-wrapper.
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    Cartonology and Flappology degrees also will suffice.
  11. brownmonster

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    We had a guy with a 2 year degree from a Tech School try the job. He only lasted a couple of days. He now works at LTD Commodities putting the white straps on odd sized boxes so peanuts fly all over your truck.
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    Holy :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:....Thats too funny! You made my day!
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    Thats what almost happened to me. I only went to DeVry Tech for an Associate Computer Design Degree. I simply didn't have enough of a technical background to truly master this difficult job. And all those reports I had to fill out too! I got demoted and went into Package Car, and that is where I am stuck now.
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    I thought you needed a MBA? Masters of Box Administration.
  15. edd_tv

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    i got mine from an online college.
    but without the firsthand experience i was quickly surpassed by one of the young "Tape Gunners and Runners". I hear they are gonna become a subsidiary of UPS and teach Ltd and avon how to tape properly thru mobile workshops and seminars. coming soon to a center near you.
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    It's just like Safety today ,12 hours handing out chili and hot dogs. Not having to deal with the 20 -30 below zero wind chill .Frozen brakes and :wink2:snowed out dollies!

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    Those guys are actually called PSC....Package Service Clerks....not "re-wrappers". Most of them are full-time combo guys now(at least on the primary) but there are a few part-timers too. PSC/Load is one of the combo options.
  18. kenmei

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    do they need a "4 year"enginering degree?

    FAVREFAN Member

    No but you need somewhere around 7 years with the company to get a combo job. If you have a masters degree or a PHD you can be a Package Service Clerk right away. lol.
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    if i have a PHD i can be division manager lol