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  1. maybrown

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    Running a website like Brown Cafe costs money. BC keeps track on member activities very good. I just wonder where the financial support comes from?
  2. this has been discussed back a little ways. I believe it was said it was funded through the various ads on the site.
  3. cheryl

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  4. maybrown

    maybrown is not a woman

    Thank you for the archive! I came to this site in May that's why i don't know. It seems the dicussion usually went off the topic like UPS and Teamsters because some manager members tried to steer us to their directions.
    Cheryl, Do you think that you will accept donation?
  5. moreluck

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    yeah, May....you'll want to send that donation to Cheryl's satellite office in San Clemente. :thumbup1:
  6. BCFan

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    send cash to atlanta the kids are starving... BC (not best child):thumbup1:
  7. helenofcalifornia

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    I don't know, I think the money should be sent to the people who are fine tuning PAS/EDD.
  8. wait theres something wrong with PAS/EDD? :wink:
  9. cheryl

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    :) No thank you :)

    I don't do this for money, websites like this don't make any. I actually enjoy it. It's fun to put something online and have really interesting people find it and interact with one another. Working on the website is also a great excuse to procrastinate and put off stuff I don't like to do, like, for example: vacuuming... See what I mean? I should be paying you to come here :)

    One of my other hobbies is gardening, the topic of another site I'm developing. This would be the perfect time to publicly brag about this year's tomato crop but moreluck sent me a pic of her tomato plants a couple of months ago. Even though she had taped plastic tomatoes on them... after seeing the size of her tomato plants, mine looked really puny...
  10. moreluck

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    The tomato plants have created a "jungle" in my back yard. I usually only have one plant, but we saved seeds from last year's successful plant and planted 8 plants this year.
    We couldn't find stakes tall enough to prop these monsters up. Some are 6' tall and even wider than that and there are 80-100 tomatoes on one of the larger plants. They are starting to turn the orangey color now and we'll be swamped with tomatoes in a short time.
    Hubby will be taking them to the golf course for all the workers and I'll be handing them out to neighbors. I don't do the freezing or canning thing, but I'll make Pico de Gallo and we'll eat sliced tomatoes 'til they are coming out of our ears!! :laugh:
  11. 705red

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    Send me some salsa!
  12. DS

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    I`m just going with the flow here...ooky hates tomatoes.but I love them.I bought some beauties from the market Saturday.I've found a unique taste sensation thats great for lunch.Fresh buttered Italian buns,with sliced tomatoes,a few thin slices of cucumber and some
    american cheeze slices.A little salt,tons of ground black pepper.
    Its probobly even better with a half pound of bacon on it,but its good all by itself too.
  13. moreluck

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    DS...if I have fresh tomatoes to slice, I always put them on my toasted cheese sandwiches........yummy!!
  14. hoser

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    i go through about 25 pages a day on this website. see the google ads thing on top and to the left?

    nuff said.
  15. scratch

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    DS, Your starting to describe a Southern Delicacy, The Fresh Tomato Sandwich. You take two slices of white bread, spread mayo generously, and then add your fresh out of the garden tomatoes slices. My family sometimes uses the "Fancy" version. You add slices of Cheddar cheese, Sweet Vidalia Onion, and a fried egg. Sounds weird, but taste great.:chef:
  16. tieguy

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    Toast the bread, spread some butter , slice the tomato, salt , pepper and onion and you have the german version. Very simple and very tasty.