To those wondering what this thread is all about here is the story. Last week a group of us were in the chat room. Among those there was someone named yellowdog who said he was from corporate doing a survey of people in the chat. The purpose of said survey was to be making sure the UPS brand was being protected. He notified each participant as they entered the chat. Questions being asked were how many years have you been at UPS and are you retired. When I questioned what these questions had to do with brand protection there was no answer. He also said he was checking our IPs to see where we were from. I said to the other chatters that we should contact Cheryl and he said that Cheryl knew about them and their activities. When speaking with Cheryl later she said this is untrue. One of the chatters said something aboutwhat they had seen another driver in their area do and yellowdog bragged that he had fired a driver for the same infraction. He said the driver got his job back but had lost almost $900 in wages. He was very proud of this. At this time another chatter called yellowdog a pr**k. Yellowdog left and someone named bigreddog came on said someone had been nasty to yellowdog (poor baby). At this point we all had decided we had had enough and logged off. I posted a thread about this and sent Cheryl a email about it. That is when she decided to require a seperate registration for the chat room and why some of you who weren't around during this and the following days discussions about it have had problems logging on to the chat. One of the chatters on that evening then posted this pic as a REPRESENTATION of yellowdog.
Cheryl has done a fantastic job with this site and particularly in responding to this problem. It was probably not any one from corporate, just some jerk fooling around, thinking he was funny. He wasn't. We get a mix of people in the chat-mgt,hourlies, and retirees-and have a great time chatting. Some work issues are discussed but for the most part it's chat about other things in life. I think most who have been in the chat agree with me when I say it's a good time.
Remember though that we never truly know who the others in the chat are. They could be misrepresenting themselves with their own agenda (I'm not paranoid, honest). Be careful about saying anything about someone doing something that is wrong like open bulkhead doors that could get that person in trouble.


Korean naming conventions are not the same as ours. Kim Jong-il's father is Kim Il-sung. Kim Jong-il is not Kim Jong II.

Just saying...