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    WHY after years of taking the ERI are we doing it again?...
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    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Albert Einstein
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    Precisely why I am not taking it. Simply a waste of time!
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    Waste of paid time. If you can`t get 20 minutes out of it you`re an amateur. Plus you can mess with their heads. "Hey sup. Is gross negligence one or two words?"
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    I agree with sosocal. After all the times taking it no changes for the better. If your a B/D person they say these changes are what you wanted. If your in an operation they say changes will help you operate better. If your center or operation gets beat up on it ,they in turn get beat up for it.

    From a management stand point IMO they do not listen or care. DO more with LESS.

    H/R, Payroll, Finance & B/D on local levels cut to the bone. ( Some of our concerns on ERI were these departments.) How can you help out your employees when they have a problem when no one in the district to go to. Oh, that's right it's on line at UPS'ers.com Yeah right, that always takes care of it.

    On previous ERI's may of us talked about pay, benefits going up yearly and cuts in benefit packages. Every year they stiil go up and we had less choices but were more costly.

    Department and people cuts. Many people worried about their jobs. Overall morale in non-union and management is terrible at best. Do you think anyone in corporate listened or cared before ?? Just as long as you were a DM or above life was and is good.

    What could we possible say to change that opinion......? Focus groups with DM or District Manager.... you might say what you feel..SURE !

    In my opinion with over 30 years as a full time driver and management person the powers that be DO NOT CARE AT ALL ! Get an 8 to 10 year turnover work force and that is it. If you don't like things there's the door. That way they do not pay pension, benefits, vacations and keep your
    RSU stock that you have.

    Sorry, I know I got a little off topic but they it make increasingly harder to do the right things for our people and us. It is ridiculous. Makes me

    wonder where we are really headed as a company. Sure I want to take the ERI......

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    There are over 400,000 UPSers. The ERI provides an immediate and long term barometer of opinions. Comparing survey to survey shows if and how opinions may have changed.

    The ERI (or EOS today) breaks down opinions by multiple groups as well.

    While the opinions on this board may be consistent, that doesn't mean this matches the opinion of the majority.

    Everyone should take the EOS and answer honestly. Whether positive or negative.

    Answer negative if you like to the question that says important issues will be addressed.

    As I recall, the EOS had about a 72% positive response. I do recall the last one dropping from previoius ones.
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    p-man, not looking for a major debate here. You opinion and my opinion. Just a response to your comment. You may or may not be one of the management people who were able to take the last offer if so...great. Which may change your perspective.

    You said 400,000 employees & 72% positive. How many of the 400 k are union employees? They got a raise in May and again in August with a COLA also. That might make me positive and do not pay for benefits. Hourly drivers can work 50 to 60 hours (the max ) and no one says anything, but work my
    p/t sup, oms or specialist and it hit all reports and e-mails start. They do not make close to what a top driver makes but, no matter it's o/t they do not want to see. Now let's talk about some very good admins we have are held to the same thing, no o/t. These are the people who's benefits go up every year and we keep them on a short leash for hours. They have no way to make up for extra costs each year. As I said the ERI will not make any difference by what these folks write because corporate does not care about them or us. My opinion.....I used to bleed brown and was proud to work here.... Not anymore. Corporate greed is taking everything out of us and from us.

    We are not like other companies. We got here because of how we were! We are not that way anymore ! Jim Casey would throwup if he saw how we treat each other....I agree with another post about Partner, that went out the door with the policy book. One last comment... I spent a few years in Business developement and we DO NOT practice CUSTOMER SERVICE !! We chase internal numbers and not worry about what got us here. I was always taught to ask yourself...WHAT IS BEST FOR THE BUSINESS....aka - the customer. U-pph-S ..united piece per hour service.
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    I'm not entirely sure what the debate is here, but I'll provide some responses...

    I do not know the % or respondents in the last ERI that were drivers or other hourlies.

    When the survey results were communicated, they did show the different responses for each of the groups. It was broken out by full time, part time, management, hourlie, etc.

    So, I don't know if you are trying to say the ERI was inaccurate or that Management won't respond favorably because they have a hard job.....

    That's a given. Management has it hard. Especially full time supervisors. I don't ever remember a time however when full time supervisors didn't have it hard.

    What makes it different now is the lack of growth. In the old days, you worked your butt off. Chased every small detail just like today. The difference is that then you got a quaterly update on stock price. You saw your personal effort get rewarded through share price.

    This gets to your third point on corporate greed.... I'm not 100% sure what that means. When corporations are greedy and get more profit, that money goes back to shareowners as dividends and hopefully share price growth.

    So is corporate greed really shareowner greed? The same shareowners who have not seen appreciable growth in 10 years?

    I understand that you feel undercompensated. You have a right to feel that way based on the workload.

    But if your slice of the pie is too small, who has the large piece? Hourly? Customer? Shareowner? Its not a simple answer.

    We are trying to slice the pie thinner when the answer is to make the pie bigger. Get our volume back from FedEx. In the old days, we didn't have competition. We lost lots of volume and jobs to a competitor.

    BTW, PPH has been around since George Smith's day. Trying to achieve PPH targets is nothing new.
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    When I took it last week, one of my sups actually tried to read what I was typing in the comments section at the end of the survey. He sure got :censored2: when I turned the monitor off and gave him that "what the hell are you doing" stare.
  10. Dragon

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    ERI =

    5 emails

    2 conference calls

    1 action plan

    less benifits

    more work

    everyone still unhappy!!
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    Only 2 conference calls Dragon? Come on, there will be like a dozen or more and you know it.:happy-very:
  12. Dragon

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    The 2 conference calls are to talk about the 5 emails....:smart:
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    And the other 10 calls will develop the 'action plan', and how to implement it.:wink2:
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    The eri / eos is a total propaganda tool. Grow up people no one really cares, ups management are all trying to save their own jobs at the expense of others. Managers would sell out their own mothers to save their jobs. Wake up people this is not the ups of yesterday this is the new ups , make money but at the expense of the workers, work them to they quit , or fire them on bogus charges, do what you can so they do not get a pension.......most of us know the game.
  15. Seems to me the whole LTIP thing has changed the way the pie gets sliced up considerably. The stock price isn't growing so the options weren't worth anything. So the rules were changed to reduce the impact of the stagnant stock price. But not for everyone.
  16. The EOS has a lot of stupid questions about things that no employees care about. Raise your hand if the Sales Lead program impacts your job satisfaction in any way. If anything it has a negative impact when we get hassled about turning in sales leads. Remember back in the Jim Kelly days when they asked questions about whether people respected the Management Committee? They didn't like the answers they got so they yanked those questions in a hurry next time around.
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    I was an active participant in the original Sales Lead program. I do not participate in the revised version.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I took the ERI/EOS yesterday. I don't expect anything to change as a result.

    I will be curious if I hear any feedback on what I typed in the comments section:

    "You have a good management team in place here in Plattsburgh. Cut the puppet strings and let them do their jobs."
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    Some of the questions on the EOS don't relate or may have little meaning to some. Does that sound accuarate to everyone?
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    You sound annoyed!